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The Tummy of Babes

I don’t normally blog or Tweet personal, but I had to share this one with all of you freelancers out there who are struggling with your words today. Driving my three year old grandson (actually my step-grandson. It’s complicated) to childcare today, I remarked to him that he was being very quiet. He sighed deeply, […]

A Little More Progress on the ABC24 FoI…

Head over to YouCommNews to read the latest…here.

Advertisers Pull Out of the Bolt Report, Claims B&T

The advertising trade magazine B&T is claiming that at least three advertisers have requested that their spots not be shown during Andrew Bolt’s new show on Channel Ten. The advertisers┬áTeleChoice, MrRentals and iPrimus are understood to have withdrawn, the article says. Channel Ten is quoted as attributing the withdrawals to the fact that some advertisers […]

The Cat is Not for Sale

The 3AW rumour file this morning had a story suggesting that Anthony Catalano has sold his Weekly Review operation to Fairfax for big bucks. I just spoke to Catalano, and it isn’t true. He said: “I just got off a plane and heard the same rumour. If I have been sold, then I don’t know […]

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Today is the Day for Decision on Subs at Fairfax.

If we enter into the fantasy that the decision to outsource subbing at Fairfax has not already been made, then we believe that today is the day when CEO Greg Hywood will communicate with his staff and the union on their proposals for alternative rationalisations. The Fairfax staff campaign site is here. They are appealing […]

The ABC’s Q and A gets in to crowd sourcing

I have been talking a bit to the team at Our Say in recent months. They are five young web entrepeneurs running an experiment in participatory democracy in which people post and vote for questions that they want answered by our political leaders. For those of us interested in innovation in journalism, and in particular […]

Senior age journos maintain their (r)age

Some of The Age’s most senior journalists have put their name to a statement stating that the outsourcing of sub editing will be a “serious threat to the identity, integrity, quality and independence of The Age and The Sunday Age.” The statement, posted under Latest News on the Age Independence Committee website is signed by […]

SBS the Better Negotiators, says Shaun Brown (Auntie silent)

So about my story in the Crikey email yesterday that revealed a secret multimillion dollar deal struck between SBS and Broadcast Australia, then an arm of the Macquarie Bank, over transmission contracts. It’s an arcane story being read intensely by a dozen or so people, I know. But it is important to the amount of […]

Paywalls at News Limited – Announcement in the Wind?

You heard it here first. As I reported here a couple of weeks ago, News Limited newsrooms are on instructions to be ready to move to a paywall system on short notice. The talk is of each masthead having a number of different presences – the free website, the paid website, the mobile app and […]

Journo’s Union Attempts Negotiation – and the Contracts are Not Actually Signed Yet

Readers will have seen all the agony at Fairfax this week, as it attempts to sack the subs and outsource their work to the AAP subsidiary, Pagemasters. Today a few more details became available. First, for all the talk of quality guarantees and conditions of service in the arrangements with Pagemasters, it emerges that the […]