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Fairfax Sacks the Subs

Most journos will have caught up with the major announcement today by Fairfax which basically amounts to sacking the subs, and outsourcing production to Pagemasters. Andrew Crook is writing the news for the Crikey email today. I will be writing analysis for tomorrow. I am interested in hearing from those working at Pagemasters, as well […]

The ABC responds to my FOI on the Cost of ABC News 24

Regular readers will know that I recently made an FoI request to the ABC for the true costs of ABC News 24. This request was made under the YouCommNews system, in which those interested in the journalism help to fund the research. You can see my pitch, the text of my FoI request and some other […]

When Everyone Read a Newspaper…

I was speaking last Friday at an “Industry Conversation” event organised by the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology journalism schools. I shared the stage with the editor of the Courier Mail, Michael Crutcher, who began his presentation with this wonderful picture, taken in upstate New York sometime in the 1950s. We will […]

ABC Editorial Policies Come into Operation

An interesting landmark in Australian media ethics today, particularly given the headlines about Rupert Murdoch’s troubles and the News of the World. Today is the day that the new ABC editorial policies come into force. As covered by Crikey previously, this is the product of a comprehensive shake-up, with the pre-existing large and wordy booklet, which it […]

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It’s a bad week for me getting titles wrong. In my Crikey piece on Fairfax today, I referred to Mark Baker having been appointed Special Editor at The Age. While he may well be special, his new title is in fact Senior Editor. Apologies to all concerned.

Innovation in Journalism? What Could I Mean

I wrote a big piece on Fairfax in the Crikey email this morning. While I was ringing around and throwing questions at all the people who (if you believe them) never, ever talk to me I got a bit irritated by one thing. Every time I ask newspaper media executives about what innovations in journalism […]

Where Goeth Beecher?

A few people have asked me today about this story in The Australian predicting that Crikey’s fearless leader, Eric Beecher, is about to go “head to head” with the Sydney Morning Herald with an online real estate “Business Spectator” equivalent. A nice scoop by Amanda Meade. Well, the first thing I knew about it was […]

The Complete Quills Winners.

Sad, but predictable. The mainstream media are tending to spruik their own winners from the Quills Awards, held on Friday night. Nobody I have seen has published the full list. You can see the lot on the Melbourne Press Club site, here. Congratulations to all.

Correction to Story on the ABC

As ABC folk will already know, I made a mistake in my story on ABC foreign correspondents on Friday. I referred to Steven Alward as head of policy for News and Current Affairs. He is, of course, head of international news. My apologies to all concerned.

Defending Bolt’s Right to Be.

The Bolt trial over Racial Vilification allegations has been rich as chocolate cake in irony. Bolt objecting to having his words picked over and parsed! Oh deary me. Bolt upset by having his jokes misunderstood? Well, well. It has all been said by others, better than I can say it. Bernard Keane Ted Lapkin A […]