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More from The Australian on the Hoax.

Samantha Maiden’s follow-up story on the hoax is here. She focusses mainly on Windschuttle’s suggestion that I am the hoaxer. (I am not Sharon Gould, I am not Sharon Gould. Repeat until absorbed.) Just to clarify the sequence of events here.  (Although it was all in my original blog post). I first heard about all […]

More Follow Ups on Hoax…

And Samantha Maiden of The Australian has just been in touch.

More Hoax Updates – Dogs of Culture War

The Age and David Marr at the Sydney Morning Herald have both interviewed me about this in the last little while, and appear to be planning follow-up articles. Meanwhile Keith Windschuttle has updated his response to include an attack on Jonathan Green and Crikey.  Jonathan is on holiday, but I gather he is emerging in […]

The French Ban Ads on Public Television

The French Government has banned ads on public television in prime time as part of its media reforms. There is a debate raging about whether this is a good thing, or part of an evil plot by the President to starve state broadcasters of funds. An interesting twist on the debates we have here about […]

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Let slip the dogs of culture war…hoax updates

Crikey pushed the button to publish on the Windschuttle hoax  over an hour ago now, and a few things have happened. . Mainstream media are following up. . CSIRO has been in touch. hey may have comment later, which I will post as soon as received. Just to be clear: the claim that CSIRO had […]

More on the Hoaxing of Keith Windschuttle

I had the lead story in  Crikey today, about a successful and clever hoax played on Keith Windschuttle and Quadrant magazine. Depending on how long the silly season is this year, I imagine this story might run for a while – and in the longer term become part of the minor academic tradition that sees […]

ABC Opens its Archives – Slowly

The richest repository of cultural material in the country would have to be the ABC – so it is exciting and maybe even alarming to hear that Auntie is experimenting with the idea of opening up its archives so that members of the public can access and even re-use and remix the material. The experiment […]

The Content Makers – One Month of Operation and Going OK.

I’ve said elsewhere that one of the reasons I am doing this blog is to experiment with the efficacy and sustainability of serving news and views to a niche audience online – the niche audience in this case being journalists, media workers and those who are interested in them. Meta-journalism, if you like. Well, its […]

End the No Comment Cliche

Interesting post on this from MUmBRELLA.

Fairfax/Rural Press – Caught Out Again

Rural Press has once again been caught out churning out media releases as if they were real journalism. Agmates –  a trading and news site founded by Steve Truman because of  frustration about the “multi-national $14.5 billion dollar Fairfax Media / Rural Press strangle hold over what rural & regional people read & see” has […]