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Let’s do lists. What’s good and bad about old style journalism?

“Journalists are white collar pros with blue collar myths. They romanticize anyone who can resolve the contradiction.” Jay Rosen said this on Twitter this morning (our time). Rosen, of course, is the New York University academic who founded the civic journalism movement and who has written much of what’s worth reading about media futures. You […]

Israel Uses Twitter for a Media/Citizens’ Conference

Another interesting new media story from the Courier-Mail’s David Earley, who writes: “THE Israeli government escalated its PR war this morning when it held a world first “Citizens’ Press Conference” about the Gaza incursion, inviting the world to ask questions on social networking site Twitter. Even before its scheduled start time questions were being asked […]

The Continuing Crisis – Stanford University Changes the Knight Fellowship Program

More news from the crisis in journalism. Stanford University is re-deploying its famous mid-career Knight journalism fellowships to drive a shift towards innovation and entrepreneurship. The Fellowship website states: “The program is transforming itself in order to serve the needs of journalism and journalists as much in the years ahead as it has in the […]

The Good News About Bad News – Sally Young Responds

A while ago now I wrote this post responding to an article by Dr Sally Young. Now Young has responded, and I have responded to her. Read the comments. I think it is an interesting conversation, and I’m hoping others join in.

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The Internet Overtakes Newspapers as News Source – USA Study

The Internet has now overtaken all media except television as a source of news, according to a study by the Pew Research Centre in the United States. The study found that 40 percent of people got most of their news from the internet, up from just 24 per cent in September 2007. More people say […]

Newsagents Grumble About Magazine Publishers

There’s quite a winge going on over at the Newsagents’ blog about the way magazine publishers handle summer.

Guardian Editor on the Chill of Libel

Great article by Alan Rusbridger on the Guardian’s battle with Tescos, and the way defamation laws limit the amount of information in the public realm.

Media as Application – the NY Times

Yesterday in my post about Radio National I tentatively suggested that a new media strategy for the national broadcaster might mean more than new delivery platforms. That it might mean a rethink of how the content is conceived and created.The point doesn’t only apply to the ABC, of course. The same is true of all […]

Mainstream Media Came to the Party – Lateish

On December 19 near Kings Cross in Sydney a man was detained and threatened with arrest under the Terrorism Act. How do we know? Not thanks to the mainstream media, but because of Twitter and the blogosphere, including young media workers who are below the radar of most mainstream journalists. The person who was threatened, […]

Radio National Podcasting and Audience Figures

Back to blogging after a few days’ break, and something to chew on for the new year. A few weeks ago I asked the ABC if it would release the figures on Radio National podcasting and broadcast audience numbers. Sometimes you ask and you get. The ABC has released  these figures. So far as I […]