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This is worth checking out

Journalists, read the comments on my previous post. The story has credibility. It is building on Twitter and in the Blogosphere. Time to show what professional journalists can add! I am presently caught up in family affairs in the lead up to Christmas – but if this hasn’t had some attention by the time I […]

Journalists – Please follow UP!

Can this shocking story possibly be true? I cross post here in the hope that journalists with real resources will follow this up.

Where to for the Sydney Morning Herald?

Peter Fray, the new editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, is once again not answering his mobile phone, which saves us from another one of those conversations. If he was talking, I would be asking the following questions. What is your understanding of your role? Whom do you answer to? How much of a free […]

Peter Fray to Edit the Sydney Morning Herald

Following Alan Oakley around is getting to be a habit for Peter Fray, who is to be the new editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, replacing Alan Oakley who walked a few weeks ago. Fray, 46, will start in his new job mid-January. Before editing the Canberra Times – a post he has held for […]

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The Podcast Network Crashes in a Major Way

The Podcast Network, one of the most notable  Australian new media success stories, suffered a massive technical failure over the weekend. If you don’t know about it, you should have a look at the Podcast Network’s offerings (once it is back online) to see a good example of why old media networks can not assume […]

Appetite for News

When talking about the crisis in journalism, and newspapers in particular, it is really important, I think, to keep in mind what the crisis actually is. And what it is not. The business model is what is collapsing. There is no evidence of a reduced appetite for news. On that note this article in the […]

The Bad News About News – and Why I Disagree

Inside Story, a new publication on which I have blogged before, has an interesting article by Sally Young, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications at the University of Melbourne, on changing habits in consuming news.* I disagree with elements of Young’s essentialy pessimistic analysis. She says:”Even though we are spending more time with media today, […]

Interesting Post Reflecting on Television History

A fascinating post from Gary Hayes, director the Australian Laboratory for Advanced Media Production (run through the Australian Film TV and Radio School) on what the history of television can teach us about new media forms. I often like to reflect on the history of the printing press as a way of thinking about what […]


The Sydney Institute has just sent out Christmas Greetings to those on its email list, and included the following paragraph: STOP PRESS…. Great news! Gerard Henderson has just won Crikey’s “Australian Bore of the Year” Award, comfortably edging out Nicole Kidman who came second; Wayne Swan came a miserable last behind Kevin Rudd and Brendan […]

Another Submission on Public Broadcasting

The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (the journo’s union) has published its submission to the public broadcasting review. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I am told that in all around 2400 submissions have been received. Please enter your email address Sign up