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Newspaper misery in Canada

Roy Greenslade reports on more newspaper misery in Canada.

Sue Howard Update and A-Span Bummer

I can update and firm up some aspects of my Crikey piece on the departure of Sue Howard as ABC Director of Radio, and the context. But far more worrying than any of this for the ABC is what I have heard from Canberra this afternoon. The muttering in the corridors of power tends to […]

More Coming on Sue Howard….

More on what’s going on at the ABC in today’s Crikey email.

Peter Fray – Another one of those Conversations

“We’re going to have another one of those conversations, aren’t we?” So said Canberra Times editor Peter Fray a few moments ago when I finally made contact to ask about the Sydney Morning Herald job. That’s right, he’s not saying anything. But in the nicest possible way…

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Knives are out for Bruce Guthrie

As you would expect, the knives are out for Bruce Guthrie, former editor of the Herald-Sun, following his taking an unfair dismissal action against his former employer. Matthew Ricketson has the story buried in today’s Age business section. Guthrie has claimed in his legal action that the man with whom he is meant to have […]

Announcement Soon on the Sydney Morning Herald

Expect an announcement very soon now on the new editor of the Sydney Morning Herald. I understand that leading contenders Mark Baker of the Age and Peter Fray of the Canberra Times have both been interviewed in the last few days.

The 7.30 Report Takes a Hit

The ABC’s Independent Complaints Review Panel have forced Auntie to broadcast a correction to a story aired way back in mid 2007, about the Tasmanian Pulp Mill. Apparently the story used some misleading graphics and file footage, but while the ABC apologised and took down the report from its website¬† it didn’t read an on […]

Sue Howard is Going from ABC Radio

Almost two years ago now the ABC was rife with rumours that the unpopular Director of Radio, Sue Howard, was not finding favour with newish Managing Director Mark Scott, and would soon be for the high jump. The Australian’s Media section even published this rumour as fact. It wasn’t true, as I reported in Crikey […]

Brian McCarthy’s Not So Reassuring Message to Staff

Managing Fairfax is no cushy job. The new CEO Brian McCarthy knows this, and so it is not surprising that there are few words of reassurance in his message to staff on taking up his appointment. Read it here. Please enter your email address Sign up

More thoughts From Max Uechtritz

As he prepares to leave for Doha and his new post, Max Uechtritz sent me some thoughts on how technology is developing and what this means for the ways we think about content – and what it may mean for Fairfax. He writes: “Thought I’d just let you you can actually watch AlJazeera English in […]