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Talk Back Radio Builds Community – New Research

Many forms of talkback help  build communities, social cohesion and identity formation, according to some recent research. Following on from my post about the things we need to learn from talk-back radio, I have been contacted by Julie Posetti of the University of Canberra, who with Jacqui Ewart (Griffith Uni) has been researching Australian talkback […]

Mark Day Gets it Wrong About JB Fairfax

The Australian’s media commentator, Mark Day, isn’t often wrong. In fact, his closeness to News Limited CEO John Hartigan and other powerbrokers is enough by itself to make him worth reading. Plus he is shrewd and experienced, if taking a while to fully grasp what new media might mean. But last week he took a […]

Why ABC Managing Director Mark Scott Should be Worried

The Australian gives ABC Managing Director Mark Scott a huge boost this morning by making him its media person of the year. I think the timing is weird, because the signs for Mark Scott’s ABC agenda are not good, and despite the real achievements trumpeted by the Oz it seems to me he should be […]

A Point of View about Stokes and the West Australian

Michael Gorey, editor of the Border Watch and former West Australian Newspapers employee gives his take on recent events.

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Margaret Simons on Media

What We Need to Learn from Talk-Back Radio Demigods

I was talking to a colleague last week about whether radio will survive the technological media revolution, and in what form. My take was that talk radio, particularly talk-back radio, will do well. Music radio will die, and indeed is already dead for most people under thirty. Long-form talk and documentary will have a bright […]

Porn Consumers More Likely to Vote Green!

My apologies in advance to all the people who Googled the word “porn” and ended up, well, here. I swear there is more to this post than an attempt to drive site traffic with the keyword porn. Or pornography. Or gratuitous sexual references. Or porn. There is substance to this post. It is this. If […]

Max Uechtritz’s Interesting Move to Al Jazeera

“It’s going to be a roller coaster but I’ll love it!” So says the redoubtable Max Uechtritz about his just-announced move from editor- in-chief of Ninemsn to run English programming for Al Jazeera, based in Doha. Uechtritz, who on Facebook describes himself as a member of the group “People Who Always Have to Spell their […]

The Media Year in Review

I was on Radio National’s Media Report this morning, with Glenn Dyer of Crikey and Matthew Ricketson of The Age, talking about the year that has been in media, and the year that is to come. Listen here.

Signs of Hope – A New Australian Publication

It’s been a week for banging on in conventional ain’t it awful ways about our major newspaper companies, and while all this is indeed cause for concern and must be documented, it gets my goat, because I don’t really feel gloomy at all about the future of media. While I know we are going through […]

Peter Fray Answers his Mobile Phone – and…

I was trying to contact the editor of the Canberra Times, Peter Fray, last week to quiz him about whether he was indeed a front runner for the editor’s job at the Sydney Morning Herald, and he wasn’t answering. This morning I finally got through. It’s a strange job interviewing another journalist. They know what […]