Deckchairs at Fairfax – Battle of the Sources

Margaret SimonsDec 10, 2008 3

The Australian's business section  has an article by Nick Tabakoff quoting "informed sour

Sticking my neck out

Margaret SimonsDec 9, 2008

I've stuck my neck out with two stories on the Crikey e-mail bulletin today. One predicting

Why Internet Filtering Won’t Work, is Wrong and Dangerous

Margaret SimonsDec 9, 2008 11

"It won't work. There it is. Flat out. It won't work." Nor should it be allowed to work, because it's dangerous. So says a friend of mine, David Wright, with a strong interest in the

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Statistics to mull over on internet use

Margaret SimonsDec 8, 2008

The Australian Communications and Media Authority's annual communications report is out, and as usual is full of meaty sta

A Perspective on Brian McCarthy

Margaret SimonsDec 7, 2008 1

An interesting perspective on likely new Fairfax CEO Brian McCarthy, from the editor of the Border Watch, and former Rural Pre

ABC Boss Mark Scott’s Christmas Message to Staff

Margaret SimonsDec 7, 2008 1

ABC Managing Director Mark Scott's Christmas message to staff has leaked, as these things do at that most porous of institutions. It contains the usual boosterism, and the announceme

Interesting questions to the ABC

Margaret SimonsDec 5, 2008

An interesting Q&A with the ABC at Senate Estimates. Of particular interest to Radio National afficianados:

News Limited softly softly redundancies across the board

Margaret SimonsDec 5, 2008 1

Since I wrote this piece earlier in the week about softly-softly redundanci

Other candidates for editor

Margaret SimonsDec 5, 2008

Before the wider Fairfax meltdown story broke this morning I was trying to find out who might replace Alan Oakley as Sydney Morning Herald editor. Now it seems unlikely that anybody

Fairfax meltdown – what about the journalism?

Margaret SimonsDec 5, 2008

What about the journalism? The chaos at Fairfax, the exposure of the  grand plans and up-beat statements as just so much spin, is more than just a sad story about a newspaper compan