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Peter Fray Firms as a Front Runner

Nothing certain yet on who will replace Alan Oakley as editor at the Sydney Morning Herald, but the rumour mill at the Canberra Times this morning has their recently appointed editor firming as a front runner – and other sources inside Fairfax say that he has been approached. Which doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Many are […]

Alan Oakley falls off the editors’ carousel

What a rotten time to be an editor of a newspaper. This afternoon Sydney Morning Herald editor Alan Oakley either stepped down or was sacked, depending on who you listen to. More on the implications of that later, but step back a moment and think about all the editors whose heads have rolled in the […]

Starting Out.

I was talking to a young journalist the other day who told me that she had recently gone out and organised herself a newspaper subscription – not because she needs it. She reads everything online. She did it because she felt sorry for newspapers, they were struggling so much. She wanted to support the medium […]

Bidgood No Good? How About the Rest of Us?

Some weird moral conundrums in the MP-photos affair, in which Labor backbencher James Bidgood flogged the photos he took of a man threatening to set himself alight on the lawns of Parliament House. Michelle Grattan opined on the Radio National’s Breakfast show this morning that common human decency should have told Bidgood that what he […]

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Softly Softly Redundancies at News Limited

“We will never slash the journalism,” News Limited CEO John Hartigan told the audience at last Thursday’s Walkley Awards – and was cheered in return by an audience enjoying every jibe aimed at Fairfax. But is it true? Hartigan acknowledged that “we will have to cut our cloth”, and now some details are emerging of […]