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Hyperlocal in Castlemaine

I’ve been meaning to write this post all week, but you know how things are. The big world of media rolls on and on with a fresh outrage every minute. And so we forget the small signs of optimism. I spent last weekend in Castlemaine, because I had been invited to speak at the first […]

What On Earth is This?

A reader sent me the link to this piece of utter s*** from yesterday’s Age. What on earth are they thinking? The comments at the foot of the article say it all. One feels one’s IQ drop as one reads. As the move to amalgamate print and online moves on, let’s hope it doesn’t mean […]

The Cost of ABC 24

Those who watch new media will know that I have had a pitch on youcommnews about the true cost of the ABC’s new 24 hour news channel. I put a freedom of information request in a while ago, and have just received an acknowledgement. The correspondence is below. Dear Ms Simons Thank you for your […]

Chris Mitchell of The Australian responds…

The Editor in Chief of The Australian, Chris Mitchell, was evidently stung by my little blog post yesterday about his paper’s decision not to use the pics of Tony Abbott framed by nasty banners at the anti carbon tax rally. He has sent the following response to the editor of Crikey, Sophie Black. Some of […]

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Big Team for a Conversation

The Australian media sphere gained a new entrant today, with the launch of The Conversation, which is a not-for-profit collaboration between journalists and academic researchers. I am following my pancakes theory of new media enterprises. This holds that, like pancakes, the first one never comes out quite right, and it is therefore wise to wait […]

Abbott in The Age and The Australian – an Amusing Contrast

Interesting contrast between print versions of The Age and The Australian today. The Age has a picture of Tony Abbott fronting that rally, framed by the offensive posters. The commentary is all about how extreme the crowd was, and how awkward it was for him to front it. The Australian? The headline is “Key Adviser […]

In Which I Agree and Disagree With Andrew Bolt

I wrote for the Crikey email yesterday about the YouTube bullying video, and the way tabloid current affairs television sucked the issue dry. I called it child abuse. I was interested to read Andrew Bolt’s column on the same issue, and to find that I agreed with much of what he said – and he […]

Inside Story Moves From Web-Only to Web and Print

The not for profit university-based Inside Story magazine has reversed the usual direction of news publications by moving from being web-only to both web and print. Inside Story began on the smell of an oily, founded and edited by Peter Browne, one of the quiet achievers of Australian publishing now employed by Swinburne University’s Institute […]

Director of Policy for News at the ABC on What Constitutes Balance in Climate Change Reporting

I’ve got a story in the Crikey email today about balance in climate change reporting. When I rang around various editors asking about the issue, the most detailed and thoughtful response came from Alan Sunderland, Director of Policy for News at the ABC. I thought it was worth reproducing in full here. My questions are […]

Back on deck, and a few interesting things

Well, its been a very long time since I’ve posted here. I’ve been on an extended trip overseas, then rushing to get everything working for the new academic year at Swinburne University (where I run the journalism program). Just getting the blogging traces back on now. Two interesting, and unrelated things. First, Michael Gill (who […]