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Grogs Gamut is Back

With a Tweet saying “Wow! Damn is it ever good to be out of that mine #wherehasgrogbeen” he burst in to full voice at precisely 20.17 this evening. New post up on the blog, too. He is trending on Twitter, and the welcome back messages, including one from the man who outed him, James Massola, […]

Pseudonyms and Anonymity – a Previously Unpublished Case Study.

Yes, its more on Grog’s Gamut. In this post I will argue that the point of difference between most reasonable people in this debate is one of where to draw the line, rather than one of fundamental principle. Some people are suggesting that bloggers should have a RIGHT to anonymity and/or the use of pseudonyms. […]

Information Brokerage and Citizenship. More Reflections on Grogs Gamut

The controversy over the outing of the blogger Grogs Gamut as public servant Greg Jericho has now passed out of the hands of newspapers and the blogosphere and on to the desk of senior public servants, who have some interesting questions to wrestle with. To be specific, are public servants, on their own time, allowed […]

More on the Ethics of Outing Grog’s Gamut

A large part of the Blogosphere and Twitter have been consumed this week by the Australian newspaper’s action in  “outing” the astute but anonymous blogger Grog’s Gamut as Canberra public servant Greg Jericho. The Australian’s Media section will tomorrow carry even more material on the issue. I have been approached for comment by them, as […]

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Citizen Journalism – The Benefit of J-Lab’s Experience

Those of us who are as excited as we are alarmed by the changes overtaking the media industry tend to talk a great deal about the potential of Citizen Journalism. But how many of us have experience to back up our predictions? Not many. Which is why Jan Schaffer, the Pulitzer Prize winning head of […]

YouCommNews – Open for Business

I know this blog has a readership among freelance journalists, due to the feisty response earlier this year when I asked  for information about what rates are paid by various Australian publications. Today I want to give a bit of a plug to an experiment I am involved in which has, as part of its […]

A New Way of Doing Journalism – Julianne Schultz at New News 2010

The speech made by Julianne Schultz to open the New News 2010 conference last week can be read here. It’s a feisty call for a new paradigm, and a new way of doing journalism. Either we will be caught up in something that is not of our making – trailing along behind the audience and […]

No Copyright in Headlines – Fairfax Lose Key Copyright Case

The ability of Fairfax Media to keep it’s content – including the contents of the Australian Financial Review – entirely behind a pay wall has been dealt a blow with the loss of a major copyright case against LexisNexis in the Federal Court. Fairfax had tried to prevent the abstracting of its articles and headlines […]

The Ethical Journalist Online – Chadwick Speaks

As mentioned in my previous post one of the sessions at the New News 2010 conference that I was particularly chuffed to have brought off was the Ethical Journalist Online, which brought together the three men who have most to do with policing journalism standards on the same platform for the first time. They were […]

Jonte Jaunty – and Journos Grateful

Anyone who has had anything to do with the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance or the Walkley Foundation in recent years will know Jonte Este, the journo who has had most to do with organising the excellent Future of Journalism conferences, getting out the Walkley magazine, and a great deal else besides. Some will have […]