Inside Story has just published this long article from me examining how the media covers Aboriginal health, the impact this has, and asking whether there may be other, more constructive ways for the media and Aboriginal health advocates to engage.

To keep the conversation going, I’m asking a range of people for some concrete story suggestions that might help encourage a richer public discussion around Aboriginal health.

Alastair Harris, communications manager for the Cooperative Research Centre in Aboriginal Health, is first off the blocks with these suggestions:

• There is a great story out of Central Aus Aboriginal Congress on their Alukura birthing program in our last e-newsletter.

• Recent research on the relationship between racism and ill-health would make a great feature.

• The Family Well-Being project out of FNQ is another really strong story.

Alastair says: “I’m happy to facilitate any journo interested in these yarns.” He is at:

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