As previously reported on Croakey, the Consumers Health Forum is not at all impressed by the Australian Society of Ophthalmologists campaign “to inform the public about the consequences of the Cataract Rebate cut planned for November 2009″.

In my view the campaign was undermined, before I even got to reading the detail, by its title, Grandma’s not happy. Tacky, tacky manipulation.

As you may have heard in the news in the last few days, the Government has struck back, via this ALP clip on You Tube, subtitled, Protect Peoples’ Sight, Not Ophthalmologists Wallets


It would be interesting to hear what GPs and other health professionals think of the cutbacks.  Perhaps an interesting study for someone to do?

I suspect there may not be much sympathy in many circles; I’ve heard a few GPs muttering along the lines “about time”. One suggested that the Government should now have a look at the dermatologists….

Update (on 1 Oct).

Now the Vic branch of the AMA has struck back. It really is turning into You Tube at 20 paces…[youtube][/youtube]

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