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The Skeptics report on Wakefield findings

Melissa SweetJan 31, 20105 Comments

Tim Mendham, executive officer of the

Who are the real losers in the cataract surgery campaign?

Melissa SweetJan 31, 20106 Comments

The Australian Society of Ophthalmologists is claiming that its deal with the Feds over cuts to the cataract surgery rebate is a victory for patients. Croakey is particularly taken b

Just one question about the new Aboriginal Health Worker association...

Melissa SweetJan 29, 20103 Comments

Today in Ceduna, Minister Warren Snowdon launched a new national association for Aboriginal Health Workers.

WHO defends itself against "faked pandemic"claims

Melissa SweetJan 29, 2010

As previously reported at Croakey, the Council of Europe t

WHO moving towards stemming flow of doctors from poor to rich countries

Melissa SweetJan 29, 201012 Comments

The World Health Organization is moving towards taking some action on the flow of health professionals from poor to rich countries. It is likely that Australia is one of its targets, ar

Why I have been vaccinated against pandemic influenza: an expert's account

Melissa SweetJan 28, 20108 Comments

As previously reported at Croakey, the World Health Organi

Soft on drugs? Or going cuckoo?

Melissa SweetJan 28, 20104 Comments

Forget Media Watch. Today we bring you Media Release Watch, t

What do the CPI figures really say about health?

Melissa SweetJan 27, 201011 Comments

If the Government takes a close look at the health component of the latest CPI figures, there are some clear lessons for policy, says Ian McAuley, a Centre for Policy Development Fellow

Mental health reform part 2: Should the feds take over community health?

Melissa SweetJan 27, 20105 Comments

Continuing his series on mental health r

A freebie book on citizen's juries, and more debate about how best to pay doctors

Melissa SweetJan 27, 20101 Comment

Health economist Gavin Mooney has two offerings for Croakey readers. For those with an interest in citizen's juries and their potential for informing health policy and related decisi