If you’re wondering how to make the most effective use of Twitter, check out this interview with Pam Wood, the Chief Copy Editor for American Medical News, which is published by the American Medical Association.

Like Croakey, she was dragged “kicking and screaming” to Twitter, and has become a convert. Pam  is at @amednews.

It was thanks to Pam that I heard about this related story – how the White House is now using Twitter to correct errors in media coverage. On Monday, deputy press secretary Bill Burton told his more than 4,000 followers — who include much of the White House press corps — that a Washington Post report that morning was wrong. The Obamas, he noted, went to Chicago for Valentine’s Day in 2009, not this past Sunday, as was reported in the Post’s Style section.

The report also details how the White House media managers are using Twitter to monitor journalists’ response to stories and how stories are likely to play out in the media.

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