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Why advertising for cold and flu treatments makes me sick (and you as well)

Melissa SweetJun 30, 20105 Comments

Companies flogging cold and flu treatments may be encouraging the spread of infections because their advertising is encouraging people to soldier on, rather than keeping themselves and

Problems with media coverage of health policy...and some suggested solutions

Melissa SweetJun 29, 20104 Comments

Health policy, let’s be honest, is a turn off for most media managers and editors. Given a choice between a cancer breakthrough (even if it is only in rats) and a change to how health

Some expert health tips for the new PM

Melissa SweetJun 28, 20104 Comments

Get rid of the private health insurance subsidies and focus on primary health care and prevention, mental health, rural health and other under-served areas. Listen to the wisdom of r

Rave review for Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden program

Melissa SweetJun 25, 20101 Comment

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program has been given a rave review by an evaluation conducted in Victorian schools, which shows the effects are wide-ranging and extend way beyo

The push for better food labelling is creating unhealthy alliances

Melissa SweetJun 24, 20103 Comments

Industry forces are combining to resist moves for healthier labelling of foods, reports Dr Catriona Bonfiglioli. She writes: "The pressure is on to curb marketing of

Isn't climate change a health issue?

Melissa SweetJun 24, 20103 Comments

The daily e-newsletter for doctors, 6Minutes, suggests that the new PM did not mention health in her first press conference. A

What will PM Gillard mean for health?

Melissa SweetJun 24, 20104 Comments

One of the many ironies about Kevin Rudd’s health reform agenda was that he took a controlling, centralised approach to instituting what was billed as developing “local control” f

Why we need a more transparent health system...it might be fairer, for starters

Melissa SweetJun 23, 20102 Comments

This is the third and final post in a series looking at how and why unfairness is built into the health system. Perhaps if there were deliberate efforts to increase transparency at mult

How unfairness is built in to our health system

Melissa SweetJun 23, 20102 Comments

Following on from the previous post, which looked at why equity matters

Does anyone care about the inequities in health?

Melissa SweetJun 23, 20101 Comment

An exam paper for a health subject recently asked second-year university students to define equity. “It’s the amount of possessions you have,” was one reply. I heard this story