The tobacco industry’s bizarre intervention into the election campaign, as previously reported at Croakey, just gets weirder.

Hats off to Simon Benson at the Daily Telegraph who kept on the story, last week reporting that Coles and Woolworths had pulled out of the campaign, and were apparently not at all happy about it. Why isn’t that surprising!

Following last week’s open letter from Australians of the Year damning the industry campaign, we now have stage two of the public health sector’s fight back.

The advertisement below appears in The Australian today.


This tobacco industry campaign has been an extraordinary gift to the public health lobby. Perhaps it will one day feature in PR textbooks as a case study in what NOT to do.

In the meantime though, I’m sure there is more to be told about the background to the campaign and the machinations involved.

Hopefully someone, somewhere has the time and resources to keep digging into it.

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