Yesterday I asked a room of public health types, who were attending a session on the media and public health advocacy at the Australian New Zealand Obesity Society meeting in Sydney, how many used Twitter.  Only a few hands went up.

I gave them my usual rave about how Twitter is a fantastic tool for finding useful public health content and creating information exchange networks (as well as for having a bit of fun).

But it would have been nice if I’d remembered to offer some examples of what you can find on Twitter.

So here is a selection of things I’ve found in the past few days that might be of interest to those with a concern for public health:

• Despite Spending Billions on Advertising, the Fast Food Industry Blames Parents for Skyrocketing Obesity Rates

• A Heavy Burden: the individual costs of being overweight and obese in the USA

• Apparently a “must-read” book: The Coke Machine: New Book Reveals the Dirty Truth Behind Coca-Cola

• Pushing fruits and veggies with junk food tactics:

• Surgeon General Regina Benjamin on the US National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy:

And here’s my personal favourite for the week:

Appetite4Profit tweeted: today’s @NYTimes has special section called Wealth. Where is section called Poverty?

You can actually convey quite a lot in 140 characters….

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