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The latest health & medical reading from The Conversation

Melissa SweetJul 29, 2011

Thanks to Froncesca Jackson-Webb, for providing this update of the latest health and medical reading at The Convers

Tackling the health issues left in the "too hard" basket: what can we learn from the US?

Melissa SweetJul 29, 20112 Comments

Public health policy consultant Margo Saunders has taken a look at some recent reports from the US Institute of Medicine, and considers some possible lessons for Austra

Getting to the root causes of health problems: some local and international perspectives

Melissa SweetJul 29, 20112 Comments

As recently mentioned, there will be a health fo

More reflections on health reform: so much more is needed

Melissa SweetJul 29, 2011

In the previous post, the University of Queen

Is this

Is this "cappuccino-style" health reform? Marking an anniversary...

Melissa SweetJul 26, 20114 Comments

Tomorrow marks the 2nd anniversary of the release of the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission’s final report,

A creative approach to engaging young people in discussions about organ donation

A creative approach to engaging young people in discussions about organ donation

Melissa SweetJul 26, 20112 Comments

Kerrie Noonan and Peta Murray, from The GroundSwell Project, write: Recently

Should the public purse fund a procedure that "the best available evidence does not support"?

Melissa SweetJul 26, 2011

Professor Rachelle Buchbinder, a rheumatologist and clinical epidemiologist, writes: In recent years, hundreds of Australians have undergone a controversial procedur

Action on climate change may also help our obesity problem

Melissa SweetJul 25, 20114 Comments

Malcolm Turnbull drew upon several health and medical analogies in his recent, widely-reported

A legacy of swine flu: guidelines for public health officials & journalists dealing with epidemics

Melissa SweetJul 25, 20113 Comments

During the swine flu pandemic, journalists in the US became concerned about inconsistencies in how jurisdictions handled the release of information about H1N1 cases and deaths. Accor

Evidence into policy: what works?

Melissa SweetJul 25, 2011

In Sydney tomorrow, Gary Banks, chairman of the Productivity Commission, is due to officially launch the