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Using Constitutional change to improve Indigenous health

Melissa SweetJan 31, 20122 Comments

Could special recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Parliament and in the Constitution bring benefits for Indigenous health? In the article below,

Mental health funding: well targeted or just well meant?

Melissa SweetJan 31, 2012

Dr Lesley Russell writes: Since 2006, Australian governments have committed to spending around $8 billion of new money on mental health.  Given the huge burden of

Junk food promotions by Foxtel: it’s just not cricket

Melissa SweetJan 31, 2012

Public health advocate Professor Mike Daube writes: The finals this weekend of the

Improving mental health: beyond a framework driven by health care suppliers

Melissa SweetJan 27, 20121 Comment

The National Mental Health Commission held its first meeting in Sydney this week, and one of its first priorities,

Federal Government urged to withdraw all support for private health insurance

Melissa SweetJan 27, 20122 Comments

As the Government mounts its case for means testing of private hea

Caring for country is also good for Aboriginal people

Melissa SweetJan 27, 2012

In its latest Croakey update, the Primary Health Care Research and Information Service (better known as PHC RIS

A call for regulatory action on unregistered health practitioners

Melissa SweetJan 24, 20123 Comments

An ACCC investigation into breast imaging highlights broader concerns about a lack of regulation of unregistered health practitioners, writes Rebecca Johnson, Policy Ad

Some news on health conferences. And any ideas for this one on social media and healthcare?

Melissa SweetJan 23, 20124 Comments

Croakey has a new feature: a listing of public health and health poli

ShareLife responds: organ donation rates should be much higher

Melissa SweetJan 23, 20126 Comments

In the article below, Sara Irvine from ShareLife Australia responds to

Healthy Weight Week: what is it really promoting?

Melissa SweetJan 20, 2012

Healthy Weight Week is due to kick off on Sunday. But Professor Mike Daube, Director of the Public H