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The links below have been grouped into these categories:

General public health
Climate change and health
Food, tobacco, alcohol
Indigenous health
Mental health
Rural health
Health reform
TGA-related matters
Evidence-based issues
Personal health and healthcare
Pharma industry and conflict of interest issues
The Medicines Australia deal with The Australian
Other media-related issues
Wraps of health and medical reading at The Conversation


General public health

The GFC and global health: why Australia needs to step up to the plate
Mary Moran

The financial crisis and what it means for peoples’ health
Stephen Leeder

Why we need to transform Australia: leading public health expert

Bob Douglas

Uranium sales to India: a public health disaster?
Margaret Beavis

So we now have another international declaration on the social determinants of health. What difference will it make (or not)?
Sharon Friel

Has the WHO lost the plot, when it comes to tackling the social determinants of health?
Fran Baum

Public health experts take a stand against compulsory income management

Why we need healthy housing policy (and introducing Croakey’s first intern)
Caroline Chen

Is Victoria the pace-setter in health promotion?
Boyd Swinburn

Place-based approaches to supporting children and families: what are they, and why do they matter?
The Centre for Community Child Health

The Tax Forum: so much for “health in all policies”
Mike Daube, Ian Olver, Jan Barendregt, David Atkinson, Rob Roseby, Guy Maddern, AHHA, ACOSS

What is the single best thing you could do for your health? (Promoting physical activity on the eve of New Year’s resolutions…)

Some good news on childhood obesity (but who will act on it?)
Elizabeth Waters

New immunisation incentives are good policy, and merit sensible debate
Julie Leask

Why Meryl Dorey should stay on the Woodford Festival program
Jon Wardle

Is antibiotic resistance the “greatest failure of modern medicine”?
Jon Iredell

More people would cycle if helmets were not compulsory: new study
Chris Rissel

Cycle helmet debate continues
Tim Churches

The backlash against “pinkwashing” and breast cancer marketing
Becky Freeman

The backlash against universities offering complementary medicine courses
Loretta Marron

Some suggestions for the national and NSW reviews of health and medical research

Why do researchers donate their time and money to help private conference organisers make big bucks?
Simon Chapman


Climate change and health

A wrap of news on climate change and health: from Durban to Tuvalu and Martha’s Vineyard
Fiona Armstrong

Richard Smith: tweeting the news on climate change, health and security

Climate change is an “immediate, growing and grave threat” to health and security


Food, tobacco, alcohol

Who is supporting the push for pregnancy warnings on alcohol?

The supermarket grog wars are a health hazard
Michael Livingston

It’s time for a campaign to tackle media framing of alcohol and other drug issues
Laurence Alvis

Quit smoking, save money, feel better, and write a special book
Maxie Ashton

It’s a Knockout! ACMA report delivers blow to self-regulation
Jane Martin

The new draft dietary guidelines: look beyond the headlines
Warwick Anderson and Rachel Nowak

The latest news from the world of food policy and regulation
Michael Moore

The “fat tax”: some wide-ranging analysis
Rosemary Stanton, Jane Martin, Gary Sacks


Indigenous health

Why this Indigenous health project is an award-winner
Neil Thomson

How can health reform help Aboriginal and Islander health: a practical vision
Selwyn Button

Profiling some of the barriers to progress in Indigenous health

Judith Dwyer


Mental health

(Most of these articles were posted as part of an ongoing series associated with my articles on mental health reform that were jointly published by Crikey and Inside Story.)

Suggesting some long-term goals for mental health reform
Alan Rosen

Important for mental health: a fair society and a good start to life
Helen Keleher

Early childhood trauma and long-term health
Josey Anderson

Don’t rush the roadmap for national mental health reform: Alan Rosen

What matters for people living with psychotic illness
Sandy Jeffs

More effort needed to strengthen shared care arrangements for people with serious mental illness
Olga Anikeeva

Some lessons from rural innovation in mental healthcare
Charles Alpren

How we are dodging some important mental health issues
Matt Fisher

Falling through the gaps – the unmet mental health needs of people with intellectual disability
Sophie Howlett

A note of clarification about Croakey and coverage of mental health policy


Rural health

Physician assistants win support of rural/remote doctors – and a report from the coalface
Deborah O’Kane

Physician assistants: an update on the policy, politics and state-of-play
Sharon Barnwell and Allan Forde

Climate change and rural health: a GP’s call for action, plus an update on recent studies

Andrew Bracey


Health reform

Could spending less on healthcare be better for our health?
Patrick Bolton

How can we ensure a sustainable health system? Plus recent articles on surgery waiting lists, e-health and gambling reform
Ann-marie Boxall

Health reform: the musical
With contributions from Philip Davies, Carol Bennett, Prue Power, Gawaine Powell Davies, Paul Grogan, Alan Rosen, Andrew Gunn, Andrew Pesce, Peter Sainsbury, Ruth Armstrong, Simon Burrow.

The Ministerial reshuffle and health: plus analysis of Roxon’s tenure and advice to Plibersek
Tony Hobbs, Andrew Pesce, Stephen Leeder, Robert Wells, Mike Daube, Peter Sainsbury, Gavin Mooney, Alan Rosen, Paul Grogan, Ian McAuley, Gawaine Powell Davies, Mary Chiarella, Justine Caines, David Penington, Michael Vagg, Ron Batagol, Anonymous

Some more advice for the new Health Minister, Tanya Plibersek
Prue Power, Carol Bennett, Jon Wardle, Hal Kendig

An update on the state of health reform: the pros, the cons and the questions
Jane Hall and Jonathan Karnon

Is this the future for Medicare Locals? (With musical references)
Philip Davies

Next round of Medicare Locals announced

Health reform: in whose interests? And what happened to the vision for primary healthcare reform?
Lyn Morgain

The quality of health service managers is an important health issue
Daryl Sadgrove

Are Australians willing to pay more for better oral health?
Rachel Katterl

Pressure for abortion law reform in Queensland
Caroline de Costa

The argument for a federal takeover of health in Tasmania
Martyn Goddard

The devil in the detail: how Tasmanians lost out in Royal Hobart Hospital deal
Martyn Goddard

Your thoughts on the good and bad of eHealth in primary health care?
Olga Anikeeva

Some things you mightn’t have known about Mick Reid (on the occasion of the Sidney Sax medal)

A nurse was murdered. Questions are being asked about health service management
Jenny Haines

Why Mary, Kylie and I may prefer to be known as Doctor….
“Enrico Brik”

A response to critics of organ and tissue donation reforms
Anne Cahill Lambert

TGA and related matters

Statement from Australian Skeptics on the Ken Harvey and SensaSlim cases

Some VERY interesting reading: on the TGA, Ken Harvey, and pertinent questions for public health advocates
Rebecca Johnson

Consumers need much better information about complementary medicines
Ken Harvey, Carol Bennett


Evidence-based issues

New international project to support evidence in practice and policy
Andy Oxman

A new health book that is worth reading (and free online)
Hazel Thornton

Why the US Preventive Services Task Force is recommending against PSA screening for prostate cancer


Personal health and healthcare

We need more action on hospital infections: expert
Lyn Gilbert

For those with chronic illness, what helps encourage self-care?
Petra Bywood

GPs are getting older and working more intensively. And what about their patients?
Helena Britt

How to improve understanding of palliative care?
Erin Koop

Concerns continue about unsafe home birth practices: Dr Andrew Pesce

Home births: it’s time to broaden the focus of the debate
Hannah Dahlen

Crying babies: what parents need to know Vs what they are often told
Pamela Douglas

Some wide-ranging conversations on death and dying

A push to improve pain management
Lesley Brydon

A personal story of living with pain
Geri Badham


Pharma and COI-related issues

US wants to give pharma more power over our medicines policy
Deborah Gleeson

Our medicines supply is not as secure as you might assume
Simon Quilty

Should pharma industry fines be used in good works that create positive industry PR?
Andrew Roberts

Clock is ticking on the NHMRC and conflicts of interest policy

Conflicts of interest: the issue goes on, and on….

Conflicts of interest in health and medicine: calls for a culture change

Update on the links between public health and corporate interests
Some reaction to the news on the Pharmacy Guild and Blackmores
Andrew Podger, Ken Harvey, NPS, Richard Di Natale

Pharmacy Guild deal with Blackmores ends in tears


The Medicines Australia deal with The Australian

Concerns raised about pharma-sponsored health journalism at The Australian
Medicines Australia, Gary Schwitzer, Charles Ornstein, Amanda Wilson, Wendy Lipworth, Carol Bennett, Christopher Jordens, Peter Mansfield, Philip Davies

Adam Cresswell responds to concerns about Medicines Australia’s deal with The Australian

The pharma industry is also distributing The Australian’s health series…

 The potential pitfalls of special deals between media and pharma
Tim Woodruff

Doing the dance: journalism and pharma

Medicines Australia: concerns about conflict of interest are overblown (and besides, we’ve got a great story to tell)
Brendan Shaw

No need to be so precious about conflicts of interest…the discussion continues
Ron Batagol


Other media-related coverage

Health story of the year (if not in the mainstream media): social media and health

New guidelines encourage nurses to embrace the potential of social media
Debra Cerasa

Social media and healthcare: recent news and developments
Carolyn Der Vartanian

Media Doctor Australia puts out a call for help
Amanda Wilson

An overview of changes at the health media watchdog, HealthNewsReview
Gary Schwitzer

What the news about health often leaves out
Amanda Wilson

What is the future of scientific publishing?
Ben Harris-Roxas

Does media coverage of health reflect the grant cycle of medical researchers?
Amanda Wilson

Medical writers: what do they talk about?
Justin Coleman


Wraps of health and medical reading from The Conversation

Reema Rattan, Froncesca Jackson Webb

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