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Feb 24, 2012

A must-read: Roxon on Rudd and health reform

(Update, 27 February: More on Rudd and health reform


(Update, 27 February: More on Rudd and health reform from mental health reform advocate John Mendoza in today’s Crikey bulletin.)

Now this is a must-read: the former Health Minister Nicola Roxon on Kevin Rudd’s efforts in health reform.

An excerpt from a transcript of her interview on Sky News:

…he wanted with four days notice on one occasion that I can recollect, to take over the entire health system. Didn’t have any materials for Cabinet, didn’t have legal advice, thought – I think it was on the Wednesday or Thursday – that we could prepare something that he’d take to Cabinet on Monday to announce on Tuesday.

Now this is just a ludicrous way to run a Government. We didn’t do that.

On another occasion he suggested, us actually having a referendum about taking over the health system, having it at the same time as the 2010 election, knowing full well and agreeing that that referendum would be lost but thought it would be a good tool to be able to win the election.

So he was prepared to have such a cynical approach to this. I think that would have been a disaster. I used to have to work with Julia and Wayne in particular to call together meetings with Kevin to explain that we didn’t agree with that.

(Thanks to @ben_hr and @jason_a_w for the link)


Note from Croakey (25 Feb): I was having difficulty uploading this post on Friday afternoon due to IT glitches. Multiple copies of the post ended up being posted. I have deleted the extra versions.


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