Thanks to Amanda Carne from the Primary Health Care Research and Information Service for this reminder about the upcoming conference in July 2014.

Networks are increasingly regarded as essential in permitting health research to influence practice and policy.  Yet there has been limited research on the role networking can play in researchers’ careers or the impacts on capacity building in health research. To explore this area, Lenters and colleagues recently published a mixed-methods exploratory study, into networking among alumni and facilitators at a local conference.

Results of the study showed that networking provided several positive outcomes for participants, including:

  1. less isolation and stronger working relationships
  2. increased opportunities, resources and access to new knowledge
  3. enhanced global networks and stronger initiatives for health research capacity.

Read the full article  here.

In Australia one key opportunity to network and exchange knowledge is the Primary Health Care (PHC) Research Conference. This annual national knowledge exchange event has been acknowledged as the premier conference in primary health care research for over a decade. Convened by the Primary Health Care Research & Information Service (PHCRIS) since 2001, and funded by the Department of Health, the Conference event brings together researchers and research users.  Researchers, Primary health care practitioners, policy advisors, consumers and students come together to event to present research,  debate and  discuss key issues.

The PHC Research Conference is acknowledged as a peerless networking opportunity for all working in primary health care research. Delgates value the unique opportunities to not only gain new insights and updates on the latest high quality research, but also the benefits of developing, strengthening and nurturing professional relationships face to face. Further information is available at

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