Croakey contributors and readers – please help us document the full range of Budget cuts that have a bearing upon the community’s health (Health Budget papers are here).

We will list these cuts under the following categories.


Health care and health policy

More details of cuts at this indepth Croakey piece, and here is ABC’s summary of healthcare cuts.

And a question mark:


Public health

There goes the Australian National Preventive Health Agency and Health Workforce Australia.


Indigenous health

• Reconciliation Australia outlines cuts and questions, including “no mention of funding for a further national partnership agreement on Indigenous health or investment for the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan”.

Details of end of funding for Congress

Minister’s statement about replacing more than 150 individual programmes and services with five broad-based programmes.



Social determinants of health

• Many of the education and university changes will have profound implications for health inequalities as will the changes for the unemployed and people with a disability and those on low incomes.

• Changes to family benefits outlined here by ABC.

• How pensioners will be affected.


Climate change



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