Thanks to the generosity of 157 donors (at last count), Croakey will soon launch a new column, Wonky Health, by Dr Tim Senior.

The column will investigate the impact of policies upon the health of people and communities, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

It is taking a “health in all policies” approach to journalistic investigations.

Now, we need your help. What are the issues and stories you would like Wonky Health to investigate? Please add your suggestions in the comments section below or contact @timsenior or @croakeyblog on Twitter.

Suggestions will be stockpiled here (and some have already landed).

We are also keen to hear your thoughts on the criteria we should use in deciding stories and evaluating the column.

These are some initial thoughts – but perhaps you have other suggestions?

The column should:

  • be engaging
  • cover important health issues (possibly under-recognised)
  • weigh up evidence
  • offer advice for ways forward in policy
  • look at positive examples as well as negatives
  • be unpredictable – it might cover a very local issue or a global matter.

You can read more about the project at the Public Interest Journalism Foundation collection on Pozible,  and here at the #hcsmanz. 

Speaking of which, Tim Senior and I will be joining the #hcsmanz chat next Sunday evening (June 1) from 9pm AEST.

Please join us, and help start some #WonkyHealth.

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