If you’re interested in startups in health, then it looks like you might want to be in Brisbane this weekend.

Up to 100 health entrepreneurs will spend 54 hours formulating and pitching a new health-related business at a Startup Weekend for Health. The event is not for profit and organised by volunteers who have backgrounds in startups and in health industries. (See here for a full list of organisers).


Maryam Jarahi, from MEDAXS, explains more:

Q: What is a Startup Weekend for Health?
Startup Weekends are designed to provide superior experiential education for technical and non- technical entrepreneurs. They are a global phenomenon that has seen over 1,000 events held in over 150 cities worldwide, see here. The weekend events are centred on action, innovation, and education. Beginning with Friday night pitches and continuing through testing, business model development, and basic concept creation, Startup Weekends culminate in Sunday night demos to a panel of entrepreneurs and health experts. Participants are challenged with building functional startups during the event and are able to collaborate with like-minded individuals outside of their daily networks. Queensland has already hosted 8 Startup Weekends across the state. Check out a recent Sunshine Coast event here.

The Big Challenge?
The event will be the first in Australia that specifically targets health, and for good reason. The pressures on health innovation are clear: ageing population, chronic disease burden, escalating costs, mental health and indigenous health challenges.

At the same time, shifts in technology – Internet, devices, mobility, genetics, cloud processing etc. – are enabling new health service paradigms at an accelerating rate as evidenced by the $5B that has been invested in Health startups in the USA in 2014.

 There will be massive change. It is imperative for Queensland to play its role in this innovation. Startup Weekends are a way of doing just that.  This will be the first Startup Weekend solely focused on Health in Australia! It will be hosted at Queensland’s iconic Translational Health Institute (TRI) co-situated with the PA Hospital in Brisbane.

Who does the Health innovation weekend target?
Health has a very broad definition and the organisers of the Weekend will be reaching out a broad range of sectors including: acute care and hospitals; General Practitioners; remote, mental and indigenous health; allied health; fitness and wellness providers, funders / insurers; aged care settings; and health researchers. Cross collaboration is critical to new thinking and we will be seeking participants and coaches representing all of the above sectors as well as technologists and developers, designers and entrepreneurs from outside the health domain.

Who you’ll meet at Startup Weekend:
We are looking to attract clinicians, health professionals, researchers, IT, engineers, business, marketing and entrepreneurs.  The big opportunity is for these folk is to participate in teams with varied skills to help give ideas all the dimensions they need to succeed.  So if folk have a good idea and want to build it out, or if you want to understand all of the dimensions in bring a business together, then the Weekend will be great value.  Help from mentors is also great value.

What you’ll get out of the event:
Education: Startup Weekends are all about learning by doing, whether you’re learning a new skill or a new way of thinking.  Don’t just listen to theory, build your own strategy and test it as you go.

Solve health problems with your ideas. Do you think that one of your idea can change your town or have a positive impact on the world? Bring your idea notebook with you and start making a positive change in your local community.

Mentorship: Local health, tech and startup leaders participate and give feedback to participants. Interact with the movers and shakers in your community.

Build Your Network: Startup Weekend works hard to recruit high quality, passionate entrepreneurs- like you!

Co-Founder Dating: The people who come to Startup Weekend are serious about learning how to build and launch startups. Create relationships that last long past the weekend.

Have fun: During the weekend working alongside awesome people who share your ideas. Startup Weekend is meant to be fun and entertaining so enjoy it.

Learn New Skills: With a whole weekend dedicated to letting your creative juices flow, Startup Weekends are perfect opportunities to work on a new platform, learn a new programming language, or give marketing a try.  With nothing to lose there’s no reason not to step outside your comfort zone.

Learn How to Launch a Business (and Actually Do It!): Startup Weekend is the epitome of Lean Startup Methodology.

Get Access to Valuable Startup Resources: By participating in Startup Weekend you are given instant access to great products and tools. No one leaves Startup Weekend empty handed! Click here to learn more about some of the offers our Global Sponsors provide during the event.

Save Money: Startup Weekends are affordable ($99, only $49 for students). Your ticket includes meals, snacks, and all the coffee you can drink.

How will the weekend be publicised?
Organisers will be utilising both traditional media and social media channels to publicise the event.  In parallel, we will be using channels from a range of health stakeholders both private and public to advertise the event. We will also be videoing the weekend so make yourself known..

Help us get the word out!

We are also looking for all channels to get the word out.  If you have a mailing list or a newsletter that you think can help us out, please let us know.  References to the weekend on your social media are also welcome.  We can send you information or reference links to the Health Startup Weekend.

• For more details and to purchase your ticket register here.

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