If a picture can tell a thousand words, then the tweets from the #SOSBlakAustralia rallies that were held around the country in recent days surely tell a few books’ worth.

In remote communities, country towns, regional centres and the cities, many thousands of people rallied to express support for the rights of Aboriginal peoples, and to protest against the WA Government’s threats to close remote communities.

Last week, several health and medical organisations urged health professionals to support the marches, and the tweets below show many engaged with the protests, marching and tweeting.

In Perth, Dr Melissa Stoneham from the Public Health Advocacy Institute of Western Australia and others reported via Twitter:

Other health professionals also joined the protests, whether in real life or online.

People rallied to the country’s north, south, east and west.

Melbourne may have had the largest crowds (of course), but also scored some of the most noxious headlines, with the Herald-Sun trying to out-do its previous “Selfish Rabble” efforts with a front page declaring “City Hijack”.

However, a little doctoring did the trick (and there was no shortage of media critique).

#SOSBlakAustralia protests were held around the world.

And a final few words:

There are many more photos at #SOSBlakAustralia on Facebook.

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