Regular Croakey readers will be aware of our efforts to crowdfund the #JustJustice campaign in order to put the spotlight on the over-incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, which has been described as a “public health catastrophe”.

Importantly, the campaign will take a solutions-focused approach, listening to experts and communities about what measures would work to reduce the number of fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, sons and daughters being removed from families and communities.

Today (Friday, 8 May) at 230pm (AEST), please join leading social justice and human rights advocate Professor Tom Calma for an interactive, live interview with #JustJust team member Summer May Finlay via the new app Periscope.

Finlay says:

“Given Tom Calma’s expensive experience in the social justice space, the focus of the Periscope will be on what he has seen which works to reduce the over-incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the opportunities he sees for change.”

The Periscope app can be freely downloaded and a quick Google will give the basic instructions on how to use it, including how to send questions and comments.

• Read this article by GP Dr Edwin Kruys about #JustJustice and his interview with Finlay.

• Croakey’s JustJustice coverage can be tracked here.


And please consider supporting the crowdfunding campaign. There are some great rewards on offer for significant donations including online Twitter and media advocacy workshops. Finlay is also offering an online tutorial in writing about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ health – something which could be of great benefit to many organisations and writers.

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