This week, Bronwyn Hemsley, an Associate Professor in Speech Pathology and a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist at The University of Newcastle, is in the chair at @WePublicHealth.

@bronwynhemsley  has a special interest in people who need or use augmentative and alternative communication aids and technologies, and who cannot rely on natural speech to communicate.

Join her in a Twitter Chat on Wednesday, 22nd July at 8pm AEST (Sydney Time). Check #WePublicHealth to follow the thread.

See here for a ‘time zone converter’ of this chat for your timezone.

This week Bronwyn will be leading a chat to hear people’s views and experiences of communicating in situations where one of the communicators does not use natural speech.

As you take part in the chat, think about your own experiences and what you know about ‘good communication’ in healthcare interactions.

Apply the BEST of your greatest ideas for patients who CAN speak, to those who cannot, to help shift a ‘wicked problem’ of removing communication barriers and enhancing facilitators to vital communication in busy healthcare settings. Everyone is welcome!

Q1 Do you meet patients with very little speech very often? Many healthcare providers tell us it is only occasionally. #WePublicHealth

Q2 While one strategy might be to ‘speak with the person’s companion’ what do you find works for direct patient communication? #WePublicHealth

Q3 Would you use your own mobile phone/ipad with picture scenes; pictures; apps for supporting communication? #WePublicHealth

Q4 Does your hospital/workplace have a policy on communicating with patients who cannot speak? Any resources? Aids? Training #WePublicHealth

• If you missed the #wepublichealth chat, you can access the analytics and transcript here (see bottom R of page for links, and adjust time period to suit). 

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