Dear Croakey readers

As the Croakey project has evolved over the past several years, it’s become clear that we need to branch out as an independent platform, to enable us to provide a better service to our readers, contributors, collaborators and funders.

We are grateful to Crikey for having provided us with a home and all sorts of back-end support. While we have operated independently since 2009 – at both editorial and financial levels – we have been fortunate to have access to the expertise of Crikey editors and staff.

We are also grateful to the Walkley Foundation for helping the “Croakey connective” to take this next step. Earlier this year we received $5,000 from the Walkley Grants for Innovation in Journalism, which we have used to build our new platform.

While we remain a very lean operation, with a small budget and no full-time staff, we hope the Croakey project will continue evolving and innovating with your support.

Have a look at the new platform. Read about why we describe ourselves as a social journalism project for health.

And don’t forget to bookmark us!

Best wishes from Melissa Sweet and the Croakey team

PS: To read more about the history of the Croakey project, check this 2009 article from the Medical Journal of Australia: CHAMP: A novel collaboration between public health and the media.

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