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Michelle Hughes


Michelle Hughes —

Michelle Hughes


TPP: Global concerns and action at home

Michelle HughesMar 13, 2014

The Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations continue. While it is unclear what the final document will say, leaked drafts of the document have many groups concerned.  Last December we r

Health news to make you smile, including an educational Bohemian Rhapsody

Michelle HughesMar 7, 2014

In an attempt to provide you with some 'feel good Friday' vibe, here are some brief stories to make you smile. Mental Health benefits in quitting smoking In case

The alcohol industry and public health: How the battle lines were drawn

Michelle HughesMar 6, 2014

Yesterday Crikey published an article by Be

Turmoil for Queensland doctors as contracts introduced

Michelle HughesMar 5, 20145 Comments

Many thanks to Trent Yarwood, specialist infectious diseases physician and member

Your relationship with scales…..

Your relationship with scales…..

Michelle HughesMar 5, 20141 Comment

Those of us who have more than once decided to watch our weight, know that the bathroom scales can be both friend and foe. Consequently advice on how often those who are dieting sho

An alternative perspective on the evidence for a billion dollar opportunity

Michelle HughesMar 5, 20141 Comment

A new report by the Grattan Institute is making

Change Day 2013 6th March 2013

Change Day 2013 6th March 2013

Michelle HughesMar 3, 2014

GP co-payments and over servicing, what does the evidence tell us?

Michelle HughesMar 3, 20142 Comments

As we approach the federal budget, talk of a GP co-payment to discourage ‘unnecessary’ visits is still alive and well despite a range of concerns including those articulated by the

Worthwhile reading on health inequities, healthy communities and inefficiencies in healthcare

Michelle HughesFeb 17, 20141 Comment

As ever, a multitude of reading is being produced. Here are some interesting pieces you may have missed: Health inequities in Australia A new report by Sharon Fri

Alcohol in NSW - After the party

Michelle HughesFeb 14, 20145 Comments

The NSW government has recently responded to public concern about alcohol fuelled violence and introduced a range of measures aimed at reducing such behaviour.  In this article, 

https://www.crikey.com.au/2014/02/14/alcohol-in-nsw-after-the-party/ == https://www.crikey.com.au/free-trial/==https://www.crikey.com.au/subscribe/

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