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A call for women MPs to come together, across party lines, on abortion reform in NSW, Qld

Significant reform in 2008 in Victoria of the state’s abortion law was achieved – say Professors Heather Douglas and Caroline de Costa – because women MPs overwhelmingly voted, across party lines, to support the Bill. In the article below, they say New South Wales women MPs should now get behind Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi and […]

Why Senator Madigan needs to know about non-invasive prenatal testing

A private member’s bill sponsored by Independent Victorian Senator John Madigan seeks to remove Medicare funding for abortions “procured on the basis of gender selection”. Debate on the bill is due to resume this month. Before it does, writes Caroline de Costa in the post below, Senator Madigan – and all of us – should […]

The Health Wrap: holistic health systems; drug complexities; mental health, G20, Ebola, climate change

By Frances Gilham Striving for holistic health systems Conversations about Australia’s health system continued this fortnight, with the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association holding an ‘Integrated Care Simulation’, gathering 85 health leaders to workshop major health policy initiatives. Croakey reported on the event, saying a key theme that emerged from the role-playing exercise was the […]

Change needed in NSW abortion law

Professor Caroline de Costa, James Cook University writes: In June this year Greens MP Dr Mehreen Faruqi placed a bill on notice in the upper house of the NSW parliament to initiate debate on decriminalising abortion in the state. There is a growing wave of public  support for this long overdue change in NSW. The […]

That Abetz comment on abortion and breast cancer: symptom of a wider malaise?

The Prime Minister and Health Minister Peter Dutton have pointed out the lack of evidence to support Senator Eric Abetz’s recent inflammatory comments linking abortion and breast cancer. But should his comments be seen as an aberration? There are any number of other areas where the Government’s statements and actions are not informed by evidence. […]

The Health Wrap: Big tobacco arguments; fad diets and pills; fairness, equality and human rights

Big tobacco arguments This fortnight the plain packaging debate dominated the headlines, sparked by an article published a few weeks ago by The Australian claiming industry figures showed the legislation was failing to cut smoking rates. The Australian’s figures and motives were questioned by Media Watch, but the newspaper hit back and continued to argue […]

Why New South Wales abortion law should be decriminalised

Abortion legislation in New South Wales and Queensland is the “most severe and antiquated” in Australia and the most urgently in need of rescission, says medical specialist Caroline de Costa. That’s why, she says, New South Wales Greens MLC Mehreen Faruqi’s bill towards decriminalisation should be supported by politicians across the spectrum. *** Caroline de […]

Public health awards put focus on women's health, the dangers of fossil fuels and inequities

Marie McInerney reports: Cairns-based obstetrician and gynaecologist Professor Caroline de Costa was last night named the recipient of the 2013 Sidney Sax Public Health Award, bestowed by the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) at its annual conference in Melbourne. The award was announced by former Labor Health Minister Nicola Roxon, who was the 2012 […]