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Walkley Awards: catch up on some of Australia's best journalism

Much already has been written about the coverage and focus by traditional and social media on the event, which resulted in the deaths of hostages Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson – and I’m mindful of a Tweet that flashed by during the events warning people not to attach their agendas too conveniently to something that […]

Federation reform: issues raised in the Health Issues Paper

In response, the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association today released a statement saying the reform process provides the opportunity to better align responsibilities for the delivery of primary and hospital care services to patients, but that there’s little consideration in the Issues Paper on Health of the need to match funding with service delivery obligations. See the […]

Why aren’t paramedics registered?

Ruth Townsend writes in this post below that if  you completed a first aid course last weekend then you could call yourself a paramedic. She asks how the Australian Health Workforce Ministerial Council can justify its decision last month to defer the inclusion of paramedics on the Australian Health Practitioner register, a move that has […]

The Health Wrap: HIV/AIDS; environmental health; sugar wars

By Frances Gilham HIV and AIDS: pain and progress This fortnight we witnessed the devastating news about the Malaysia Airlines flight disaster. Grief and shock hit an international conference on HIV and AIDS being held in Australia – AIDS 2014 – when the news emerged that some of the world’s leading HIV/AIDS researchers and advocates […]

Living longer, but chronic disease toll rising: Australia's 14th biennial health report card (and what of its own future?)

We are living longer, have lower death rates for cancer and many other diseases, and a health system that people say they are mostly happy with. But chronic diseases related to our ageing population as well as to lifestyles and health habits are taking an increasing toll. That’s the verdict of Australia’s Health 2014, the […]

New report highlights why the federal budget is such a problem for health

The COAG Reform Council has delivered its final report evaluating the impact of the national health reform agreement, Healthcare in Australia 2012–13: Five years of performance. The report examines progress in four of the seven areas to be tracked under the agreement. As the images below show, there have been some notable improvements but many challenges remain. It […]

#Budget2014 risks to 'closing the gap' include Indigenous cancer impact

There is growing concern that harsh Federal Budget measures on health and other funding areas will put at risk efforts to close the gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. In the post below, health researcher Clive Aspin says the Budget will increase the health and social disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. He […]