August, 2015

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Alcohol and pregnancy: mixed messages undermining abstinence advice.

, Aug 18, 2015

The complexities for public health messaging around women drinking during pregnancy have been highlighted by new research undertaken at the University of Canberra’s News and Media Research Centre. The study found that women are receiving, and actively interpreting, contradictory information about the risks of drinking alcohol while pregnant from a number of sources. The qualitative […]

The Health Wrap: The Vegemite news spread; On your bike (sans helmet); a chronic problem; funding medical research and teens’ troubling mental health.

, Aug 17, 2015

                  This week’s Health Wrap is compiled by my colleague Megan Howe, the Sax Institute’s Publications Manager. Enjoy the Wrap and tweet us via @medicalmedia or @meghowe68 if you have any ideas for future issues. By Megan Howe The Vegemite news spread The use and abuse of […]
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NT Coroner calls for repeal of “paperless arrest” laws #JustJustice

, Aug 14, 2015

The findings of an inquest in the Northern Territory into the death of a senior Walpiri man are important reading for those working in the health and justice sectors, highlighting the need for law reform. **** Mark Skulley writes: The Northern Territory Coroner has denounced the so-called “paperless arrest” laws, and called for them to […]
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Forget Vegemite-based policy. Here are some sensible recommendations for reducing alcohol-related harms

, Aug 10, 2015

Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion’s foray into Vegemite-based policy has won global headlines for a suggestion that the product should be restricted in some remote communities to stop moonshine production – even Time Australia inhaled.  But the weight of opinion – including from public health experts, police, and scientists – seems to suggest the recommendation should be, uhm, toast… […]

The Health Wrap: GST hike for health funding, a racism-free future, technology-ethics tensions, plain packaging pain

, Aug 03, 2015

                This week’s Health Wrap has been compiled by my colleague Ellice Mol – Digital Communications Manager at the Sax Institute. By Ellice Mol Nation-wide health funding dilemmas As Federal, State and Territory leaders came together this past fortnight, NSW Premier Mike Baird called for an increase in the […]
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Learn from “one of the best examples in the world of a comprehensive primary healthcare service”

, Aug 02, 2015

Amongst other things, the Third National Aboriginal Health Summit in Darwin last week provided some examples of how the wider primary healthcare sector can learn so much from the Aboriginal community controlled health sector. Presentations reviewing the history of the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress and the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT) highlighted the […]
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Public health must get over its conceit and find a voice. So there!

, Jul 31, 2015

Public health advocates need to get over the conceit that their work will inspire political action simply because it is worthy, according to Michael Thorn, Chief Executive of the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, and guest tweeter this past week at @WePublicHealth. In the article below, he explains some of the background to a new campaign, […]
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Nine questions about the state of public health in Victoria: #HealthyPolitics

, Jul 30, 2015

As recently previewed at Croakey, a public forum in Melbourne this week highlighted some critical questions about the public health challenges facing Victoria. Marie McInerney was there to provide the report below for the Croakey Conference News Service. *** Marie McInerney writes:  It would have been – as suggested by forum moderator Michael Moore, CEO […]
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One man’s story of surviving the trauma of family violence: A #JustJustice LongRead

, Jul 17, 2015

(Caution to readers: this article contains graphic detail of family violence. Support service details are available at bottom of article). This is the first in a two-part series by Darren Parker, a Ngunawal man and Phd candidate at Melbourne Law School, as part of the crowd-funded #JustJustice project.   In sharing some experiences of racism […]

The Health Wrap: Speaking out on asylum seeker health; federal funding row; miracle medicine; lighting up tensions, access to abortion.

, Jul 04, 2015

                This week’s Health Wrap is compiled by my colleague Megan Howe, the Sax Institute’s Publications Manager. Enjoy the Wrap and tweet us via @medicalmedia or @meghowe68 if you have any ideas for future issues. By Megan Howe Life’s good….for some To start the Health Wrap on a […]