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What will it take to improve rural health? Internet, internet, internet...

Jennifer Doggett reports: One of the most important outcomes from the National Rural Health Conference in Darwin will be a set of recommendations for action to improve health services in rural and remote areas and to overcome some of the barriers to good health. These recommendations will be developed via a collaborative and structured process open to […]

Time for policy rethink as frequent GP attenders account for 41% of costs

Stephen Duckett writes: The Commonwealth government’s big idea for primary health care in the past year was to charge everyone who visits the GP a A$7 co-payment. The idea had many problems – it could have led to a blowout in emergency department demand; it was inequitable; and it may not have worked anyway. It has […]

Dental education in Australia "at a turning point": how to sustain quality improvement?

This post below is the first of two contributed to Croakey by leading Australian dental academics, looking at both dental education priorities and equity in dental care. The second part can be read here. *** Professors Estie Kruger,  Laurie Walsh and Marc Tennant write: Please enter your email address Sign up Dental education accreditation: What […]

Federation reform: issues raised in the Health Issues Paper

Please enter your email address Sign up In response, the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association today released a statement saying the reform process provides the opportunity to better align responsibilities for the delivery of primary and hospital care services to patients, but that there’s little consideration in the Issues Paper on Health of the need to match […]

Poetry in public health: 4 new poems by Owen Bullock

Here is the latest chapter in Croakey’s Poems of Public Health by Canberra poet Owen Bullock, with four new pieces – including one (ever) timely reflection on constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Read the background to this occasional feature and his previous Poems of Public Health, where he wrote ‘on demand’ […]

A 'last mile' approach to improving broadband in more remote areas

In this latest instalment of a rural health series, Helen Hopkins, Policy Adviser at the National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA) highlights how failing to improve broadband access in remote areas can block access to health care and entrench other disadvantage. The other instalments, also inspired by the NRHA’s recent CouncilFest, can be read here: Please enter […]