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As the pictures show, the Border Force Act has opened a new health front for the Government

Since its first Budget, the Abbott Government has been on a collision course with much of the health sector over its health policies. But the Australian Border Force Act, whose assault on ethical health and medical practice has previously been covered at Croakey, is creating another health front for the Government. A series of headline-generating […]

Linking you into a stack of important health reading - and check out the human rights "rant"

A stack of health-related inquiries and reports have been released that may be of interest to Croakey readers. Plus, some human rights ranting to follow… • The second interim report of the Senate Select Committee inquiring into health policies raised concerns about the damage being done to primary health care by Federal funding cuts. Cuts […]

Climate change & refugees: as Pope Francis leads the way, will Australia get a miracle conversion?

Australia is playing the ultimate outsider in two of the most pressing global issues that have this week seen our devoutly Catholic Prime Minister Tony Abbott at odds with the Pope on both asylum seekers and climate change. As the New York Times reported: VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Thursday called for a radical […]

Peter Dutton: When being 'the worst' is the best you’ve got.

I am starting to feel concerned that perhaps Peter Dutton took his title as “worst Health Minister” the wrong way. It seems to me that such media coverage and notice was so exciting to the now Minister for Immigration that he is striving to keep this mantle in his new portfolio. The continued detention of children […]

The Health Wrap: Indigenous incarceration disgrace, let's talk about smoking, Budget fairness test, all things Evidence

  By Kellie Bisset The disgrace of Indigenous incarceration rates Following the successful crowdfunding of Croakey’s #JustJustice campaign, it’s timely to reflect on the release of the Amnesty International Report  A brighter tomorrow: keeping Indigenous kids in the community and out of detention in Australia. The report found that Indigenous youth incarceration is at its highest level in 20 […]