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Australian Palliative Care Conference

A great big Twitter wrap-up of news from recent national palliative care conference

This post is the final instalment of Croakey’s coverage of the 12th Australian Palliative Care Conference (you can see all the previous articles here.) It is based on tweets, so is not aiming to provide a comprehensive overview of the sessions reported – more to give readers a flavour of some of the discussions, and […]

Once a Vice-Admiral in the Navy; now leading a team of volunteers in palliative care

Volunteers play an important role in palliative care, according to Jennifer Doggett. Below she reports from the 12th Australian Palliative Care Conference, which was held in Canberra last week. Jennifer Doggett reports: “We’re just ordinary people helping other ordinary people,” says Matt Tripovich when asked about his work as Volunteer Coordinator for Palliative Care ACT. […]

Learning from the traditional healers of the Central Desert lands

One of the highlights of the recent Australian Palliative Care Conference was learning about the work of Maringka Burton and Ilawanti Ken, who are Ngangkari – traditional Aboriginal healers with a “lifelong vocation”. Jennifer Doggett writes: Some of the most eagerly anticipated sessions at the Palliative Care Conference were the presentations by Maringka Burton and Ilawanti […]

Some expert advice on dealing with grief (also an issue for birds, elephants and other animals too)

Jennifer Doggett reports from the final day of the 12th Australian Palliative Care Conference: If there is one message that Dr Amy Chow would like to convey to the community, it is that grieving is a very normal and natural part of life. She says that grief is an emotion that people from all cultures […]

What will it take to rediscover a more inspiring politics? This poem has some leads...

Who could argue with The Guardian’s election editorial comment:“What a dispiriting election campaign it has been”. To put it mildly. As Croakey’s election health coverage has made clear, there has been virtually no intersection between the issues that have surfaced in public debate and what are the pressing concerns for the community’s health and healthcare. […]

Beautiful music helps dying patients to find peace and clarity

Many people were in raptures about the music of Peter Roberts at the 12th Australian Palliative Care Conference in Canberra yesterday, judging by the Twitter stream (and you can see a selection at the bottom of this post). Peter is a music thanatologist – which is not to be confused with music therapy. As Jennifer Doggett explains […]

How health economists could help improve end-of-life care

Health economists must become more involved in palliative care research to help ensure better use of health resources in end of life care, according to a leading specialist. Professor Irene Higginson, Director of the London-based Cicely Saunders Institute, says end-of-life care often does not prolong peoples’ lives, and can be traumatic and expensive. “We need […]

A briefing for the next Federal Government: how to improve access to palliative care

The need for greater support and care for people dying at home, and for greater investment in the aged care workforce was highlighted at the 12th Australian Palliative Care Conference in Canberra yesterday. Experts also called for an end to the funding silos of aged and palliative care, and for more consumer, family and carer engagement in […]

A comprehensive Twitter wrap of the national palliative care conference

The tweeters were out in force at the 12th Australian Palliative Care Conference in Canberra today. Jennifer Doggett will provide more detailed reports on the conference but in the meantime, here are some of today’s tweeted highlights.   **** Professor Irene Higginson, Professor of Palliative Care and Policy at King’s College London, spoke on “Meeting the challenges […]

It's been a long struggle, like pushing a big rock up a steep hill, but advanced care planning is now here to stay

After more than two decades of struggle, Advance Care Directives are finally gaining acceptance within the health system. That’s according to Colleen Cartwright, Foundation Professor of Aged Services and Director of the ASLaRC Aged Services Unit at Southern Cross University. At the 12th Australian Palliative Care Conference in Canberra this week, Professor Cartwright will talk about […]