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Cochrane Collaboration

Professor Peter Gøtzsche to deliver a powerful critique of psychiatry

No doubt there will be plenty of debate generated by a series of lectures in Australia next month by Danish physician Professor Peter Gøtzsche, managing director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre based at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen (details here). In a preview below, Professor Gøtzsche and two Australian colleagues, psychiatrists Professor Jon Jureidini and Dr Peter Parry, argue […]

Health news to make you smile, including an educational Bohemian Rhapsody

In an attempt to provide you with some ‘feel good Friday’ vibe, here are some brief stories to make you smile. Mental Health benefits in quitting smoking In case anyone needed further encouragement to quit, a new article has debunked the idea held by some smokers that there are psychological benefits to smoking. In a […]

Here is a treasure trove of ideas and resources on health communications

For those who weren’t able to follow the conversation at @WePublicHealth last week, summarised below are some of the useful ideas and resources shared by Ross Green and Eliza Metcalfe, who work in Knowledge Translation at the Centre for Community Child Health in Melbourne and tweet as @_HealthyComms. They made the case that health communications […]

UK report on Tamiflu highlights failings of health authorities, regulators, industry, and clinical trials

Longstanding questions about a key plank of the international response to pandemic influenza - the stockpiling and widespread use of the antiviral drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu) – have been reignited by a new UK Government report (for some background, see my 2009 story in Crikey). The report by the UK Parliament Public Accounts Committee report has also […]

A timely examination of the potential of lay health workers

The Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health, held recently in Brazil, put the spotlight on the potential of lay health workers to help address global health workforce shortages. (You can see some of the Twitter reporting from the event at #3GFHRH). The event is timely given that national health workforce issues will be […]

Behind the latest news on cholesterol medications (the statins issue)

(March 6: An update has been added at the bottom of this post, including a review of the SMH story by Media Doctor Australia. March 8: The Cardiac Society of Australia and NZ has released a statement urging patients not to stop taking statins without discussing the matter with their doctors. It is available on […]

A wrap of recent health news at Croakey

Hola – I am back on deck. A large thanks to Jennifer Doggett for driving Croakey while I was away, and to Ben Harris-Roxas for looking after the Twitter feed. As previously mentioned, Croakey readers are welcome to sign up for (rather irregular) summaries of posts. If you’d like to join the mailing list, please […]

Do incentives give you the PIP?

A study released today by the Cochrane Library suggests that Australia should ‘proceed with caution’ when setting up financial incentives for quality care by GPs.  Study co-author Dr Peter Sivey from the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research (Uni of Melbourne) said that although there are hundreds of schemes across the world where […]

Making sense of the bicycle helmets stoush

The pros and cons of mandatory bicycle helmets are hotly contested, as regular Croakey readers will know. In the article below, Daniel Vujcich offers a suggestion for how to move the debate forward. *** Laying down a challenge to all sides of the bicycle helmet debate Daniel Vujcich wries: The debate about the appropriateness of […]