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Inawintji's Story on Living Black tonight: "the high price to pay for staying well"

Her life changed more than 20 years ago when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It was too late for insulin tablets to take effect and, despite Ina’s best efforts, her condition deteriorated to renal disease. She needed dialysis. She made the incredibly hard decision to leave her homelands, family and friends and move […]

Australia's ice 'epidemic': 'service cuts, scare campaigns, stigma not the answer to complex issue'

The Federal Coalition last week announced it was launching a new advertising campaign aimed at educating families and the broader community about the dangers of the drug ice, or crystal methamphetamine. Health Minister Sussan Ley said it would assist the National Ice Taskforce, announced last month by the Prime Minister. See its key points in […]

The verdict is in: Time to better protect Australian children from toxic lead exposure

Children in mining communities The most heavily contaminated children are located in Australia’s premier lead mining and smelting towns where lead emissions in the air and dust remain far too high: Mount Isa, Port Pirie and Broken Hill. Not surprisingly, approximately 50% of children under five years of age have a blood lead above five […]

Using a systems approach to tackle obesity: insights from the UK

This is the first of a series of articles covering the CEIPS Seminar Series, monthly seminars that showcase systems approaches and complex public health interventions. This article originally appeared on the CEIPS blog and has been reproduced here with permission. It is written by Rebecca Zosel, public health practitioner, advocate and consultant, who tweets from […]

Vending machines – exercising your choice?

Many thanks to Dr Melissa Stoneham and the Public Health Advocacy Institute of Western Australia for this latest instalment of Journal Watch. *** Melissa Stoneham writes: Vending machines – they are certainly versatile. You can get almost anything in them today. In Perth and Adelaide right now, 4 hot chip vending machines are being trialled. In […]

Marching doctors

It’s often said that if you don’t know history, you are cursed to repeat it. Consumer health advocate Martyn Goddard has been around long enough to remember the last time that doctors were up in arms and marching in the streets against a conservative government. It’s a tale that might usefully refresh the memory of […]