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Crikey register of influence

As nutritionists enable health-washing by Coca-Cola, a call to end unhealthy sponsorship

When Big Food companies engage in health-washing tactics, what are the consequences for the reputations of the health organisations and health professionals involved? It’s a question the Nutrition Society of Australia and its members might be pondering, after having Coca-Cola as a gold sponsor of their recent annual scientific meeting. As the World Cancer Congress […]

Announcing the Croakey Register of Influencers in Public Health (CRIPH) – and a call for helpers

(For updates to the Register, see its home page.) Concerns are widespread about the influence of pharmaceutical and other corporate interests on health and medical research, education, practice and policy. The Crikey Register of Influence, for example, documents the involvement of health and medical experts in many industry advertising and marketing campaigns. But we hear […]

Crikey Register of Influence raises more questions for the Baker Institute

The Crikey Register of Influence – which details links between opinion leaders, organisations and industry marketing campaigns – has been updated. The new entries are Professor Simon Stewart, Head, Preventive Cardiology at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, and his colleague, Dr Melinda Carrington, General Manager of the Baker’s Disease Management and Preventative Programs. […]

Has anyone the time, interest or funding for these stories?

In case there are any researchers or journalists out there with too much time on their hands, here are two ideas for stories or research projects. • What is the role of the media in Mr Ward’s death? The 4 Corners report on the death of Mr Ward, an Aboriginal man who was incarcerated in […]

Truth in scientific publishing? Not quite what it seems...

The Vioxx case in the Federal Court in Melbourne continues to produce a stream of interesting and illuminating revelations although I had to chuckle at one specialist’s efforts to downplay his profession’s skills in marketing. “I would have thought getting medical practitioners to be marketers would have been the death knell of a product because […]

Some more thoughts on the Baker/Sanofi deal

A pharmacy researcher who wishes to remain anonymous has sent in this comment regarding the funding deal between the Baker and Sanofi Aventis (for more background info, see here, and here and here): “Agreements between not for profit research institutes and the pharmaceutical industry can be fraught with conflict, even if an iron clad contract […]

The Baker boss responds to the alarm bells

Garry Jennings. director of the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, has sent in the following response to concerns raised at Croakey and elsewhere, with a link to a question and answer document on the Institute’s website: “We thank everyone for their comments. This is an innovative donation arrangement so we are not surprised at […]

Some responses to the deal between Sanofi-Aventis and the Baker

Dr Ken Harvey, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, School of Public Health, La Trobe University, has written a long comment on my post below, and it is well worth a read. He also advises that he is putting in a complaint to Medicines Australia about the Sanofi-Aventis campaign. Meanwhile, here are some other comments on the […]

Who's the loser with this clever drug company campaign?

You’ve got to hand it to Sanofi-Aventis. At the same time as the Vioxx case before the Federal Court is producing an alarming string of stories about the hazards of overly close ties between doctors and pharma (as an example, see this story in the Oz and this one in The Age), Sanofi-Aventis has enticed […]

The hijacking of medical education

Brett Forge, a physician and cardiologist from Warragul in Victoria, has sent in the following comments regarding his inclusion on the Crikey Register of Influence: Dear Crikey Many thanks for the dubious honour of being included on your register of influence. It is an inadequate way of investigating medical corruption but it may at least […]