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Croakey moves on; please check out our new site

Dear Croakey readers As the Croakey project has evolved over the past several years, it’s become clear that we need to branch out as an independent platform, to enable us to provide a better service to our readers, contributors, collaborators and funders. We are grateful to Crikey for having provided us with a home and […]

Join us for the #WonkyHealth book launch today - on #Periscope

Today, Croakey team members are gathered in Canberra for our first-ever team meet, thanks to a grant from the Walkley Grants for Innovation in Journalism. We are brainstorming ideas for how to improve the services Croakey offers readers, contributors and funders. If you’ve suggestions, please join the discussion at #Croakey and send in your suggestions. […]

Celebrate #NAIDOC2015 with a long-read about love

It’s NAIDOC Week – a time “to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples”. The theme – We all Stand on Sacred Ground: Learn, Respect and Celebrate – highlights Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ strong spiritual and cultural connection to land and sea. I’m delighted to report that […]

Announcing details for the 3rd annual Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition

Entries are invited for the 3rd annual Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition. The topic is: “In the digital era, whose voices are being heard?” The Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition is a joint project of the Sydney School of Public Health at the University of Sydney, Croakey, and Inside Story, an online current affairs publication from the Swinburne […]

The Health Wrap: On Closing the Gap; persistent policy pickles; lessons for Oz in heated US vaccine debate?

By Kellie Bisset On Closing the Gap This fortnight, we learned that Australia’s progress in closing the gap on Indigenous disadvantage was, in the words of the Prime Minister, “profoundly disappointing”. The release of the Closing the Gap report, which showed targets on life expectancy, early childhood access, reading and numeracy and employment have remained […]

Declaring a Day of #CroakeyThanks - readership grew in 2014

The readership figures for Croakey for 2014 (including the top 25 reads) have been posted here. In short, in 2014, Croakey had: 395,393 pageviews 285, 141 sessions, and 175,844 users. For the sake of comparison, in 2013, there were: 368,668 page views 266, 924 sessions, and 164, 702 users. On this day of #CroakeyThanks, I […]

Best wishes and thanks, from the Croakey team

Many thanks to all who have read, engaged with, and written for Croakey over the past year, including those who engage via the Twittersphere. We value your contributions to an informed and engaged public debate. A particular thanks to my fellow Croakey moderators – Jennifer Doggett, Michelle Hughes and Marie McInerney – for your wonderful […]

Wonky Health - calling for your ideas for engaging, worthwhile investigations

Thanks to the generosity of 157 donors (at last count), Croakey will soon launch a new column, Wonky Health, by Dr Tim Senior. The column will investigate the impact of policies upon the health of people and communities, particularly those who are most vulnerable. It is taking a “health in all policies” approach to journalistic investigations. Now, […]

Introducing "The Croakey Koori" and "Wonky Health" - please support

If you are a regular or even an occasional reader of Croakey – or even if you are visiting for your first time today – I invite you to support two new writing-for-health projects. They are: • The Croakey Koori Kelly Briggs, a Gomeroi writer from Moree (famous on Twitter as @TheKooriWoman), is fund-raising via […]

The inaugural Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition: winner announced

This statement is issued on behalf of the Sydney School of Public Health at the University of Sydney, the online publication Inside Story, and Croakey. Sydney GP Dr Tim Senior has won the inaugural Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition with an essay titled, “Climate change and equity, whose language is it anyway?” The competition honours […]