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Parliamentary Library budget brief: E-health funding 'a holding action' ?

 In this budget brief from the parliamentary library Dr Rhonda Jolly explores whether the current tinkering around the edges of the health record could be a prelude to a new strategy. Dr Rhonda Jolly writes: E health makes use of developments in computer technology and telecommunications to deliver health information and services more effectively and […]

What will it take to improve rural health? Internet, internet, internet...

Jennifer Doggett reports: One of the most important outcomes from the National Rural Health Conference in Darwin will be a set of recommendations for action to improve health services in rural and remote areas and to overcome some of the barriers to good health. These recommendations will be developed via a collaborative and structured process open to […]

# How the world of health and medical conferences is changing #

For those with an interest in social media and healthcare, if you missed the #MedicineSocial conference this past weekend, you can follow the convenor, psychiatrist Dr Helen Schultz, as she tweets about it this week at @WePublicHealth. Among the subjects she will cover are cyberstalking and how to deal with trolls. More details of the […]

Calling innovators and entrepreneurs: Startup Weekend for Health in Brisbane

If you’re interested in startups in health, then it looks like you might want to be in Brisbane this weekend. Up to 100 health entrepreneurs will spend 54 hours formulating and pitching a new health-related business at a Startup Weekend for Health. The event is not for profit and organised by volunteers who have backgrounds […]

An Apple a day to help researchers play

Those of you who tend to avoid Apple’s over the top and typically self -congratulatory love fests that they call launches, may have missed an interesting development in the research world this week. With the launch of the new products and updates, Apple announced Research Kit for iPhone. The software allows researchers to design studies […]

Walkley Awards: catch up on some of Australia's best journalism

Much already has been written about the coverage and focus by traditional and social media on the event, which resulted in the deaths of hostages Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson – and I’m mindful of a Tweet that flashed by during the events warning people not to attach their agendas too conveniently to something that […]

10 tips for using social media to promote health: reflections from Fertility Week

Thanks to Rebecca Zosel, Health Promotion Advisor at the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA) for the reflections in the post below on engaging with social media during the 2014 Fertility Week. For more insights and tips about the role of social media in health promotion, check out Colin Cowell’s post at the Power to Persuade […]

A 'last mile' approach to improving broadband in more remote areas

In this latest instalment of a rural health series, Helen Hopkins, Policy Adviser at the National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA) highlights how failing to improve broadband access in remote areas can block access to health care and entrench other disadvantage. The other instalments, also inspired by the NRHA’s recent CouncilFest, can be read here: Love rural? […]

Big Food, public health and sharing a table: food for thought or empty nutrients?

Just how much should public health engage with Big Food to tackle obesity?  Canadian health research leader Professor Diane Finegood, CEO of the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research,  led an initiative that provided “safe” (or private) spaces for Big Food to talk to public health – and says the results were surprising. Delivering the keynote […]