March, 2011

Why isn’t the media asking tougher questions about climate change in the wake of the floods?

, Mar 24, 2011

Thanks to the Climate and Health Alliance for allowing this cross-post. Fiona Armstrong, founder and convenor of the Climate and Health Alliance, writes: The Senate’s passing of the flood levy to rebuild Queensland will allow for a new beginning for thousands of people affected by the floods, and go some way to addressing the damage […]

A season of disasters…including for community-based health services

, Feb 08, 2011

In the wake of floods and other disasters, debate about the flood levy, looming budget cuts, and questions about the future of national health reform, there are concerns that a vital but often neglected part of the health system – community-based services – is in grave danger. In the first of a two-part series, a […]

How can the health portfolio contribute to the floods rebuild?

, Jan 27, 2011

During a National Press Club address in Canberra today, the Prime Minister Julia Gillard is expected to announce spending cuts and a temporary levy on taxpayers to help fund the foods rebuild. It is being reported that early Treasury estimates show the Commonwealth will have to outlay well over $5 billion, and that does not […]

In the wake of the floods, will we see innovation? Some health workforce matters…

, Jan 21, 2011

In the aftermath of the floods, we can expect to hear plenty about the health needs of rural communities, especially around mental health. No doubt this will lead, as usual, to a focus on the shortages of health professionals in many rural and remote areas. Perhaps the floods crisis will create an opportunity for some […]