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gun control

From the public health files marked, Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

The PR and marketing strategies of the junk food and drink industries bring a whole new level of meaning to the adage that truth is stranger than fiction. If you were writing a farce, it would be hard to top these: • McDonald’s, that well known friend of children’s health and wellbeing, plans to give […]

On the power of Twitter: #guncontrol #publichealth and more...

(Update: This post has been corrected due to my mistaken interpretation of Google Scholar search results – thanks to Deborah Lupton for the alert) A Google Scholar search for academic articles published since the start of 2012 mentioning Twitter yields many pages of results. The same search, but for articles relating to Twitter and health, […]

A focus on the corporate practices that contribute to poor health

Should public health efforts focus on changing individual behaviour and lifestyles? Or on influencing the social determinants of health? Or should they focus on the corporate practices that contribute to poor health? This issue is discussed in the latest “must read” article recommended below by the JournalWatch service of The Public Health Advocacy Institute WA. The article is by Nicholas […]

How the sale of Australian police guns threatens public health in the USA

Should Australia be contributing to the gun toll in the USA? It’s a timely question for the Defence Export Control Office in the Department of Defence in Canberra, says Adjunct Associate Professor Philip Alpers, of at the Sydney School of Public Health, University of Sydney. Philip Alpers writes: If Canberra follows precedent, around 10,000 […]

Some tips for media covering Arizona shooting (& also Australian floods)

In the wake of the recent shooting in Arizona, the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma in the US has put together some resources for journalists and news managers covering the shooting. They may be of local interest – to the media’s audiences as well as to its own. Psychiatrist Frank Ochberg and Bruce Shapiro, […]