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health and medical education

Hearing from leaders in Indigenous medical education - plus #LIMEvi Twitter wrap

Leaders in Indigenous medical education from Australia, Aotearoa, Canada and Hawai’i gathered in Townsville last week, on the country of the Bindal and Wulgurukaba Peoples, for the sixth conference of the Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education (LIME) Network. With the conference theme of “knowledge systems, social justice and racism in health professional education”, many sessions […]

Evaluating public health interventions: an urban regeneration case study

How do we evaluate complex health interventions? It is not a new question, as our understanding of the complex nature of health and its determinants has grown, so too has the search for an evidence-based approach. Does a focus on housing and environment work to improve health? How will we know?  Thankfully a new study in […]

Have bravery; will learn

This week the Four Corners expose on bullying in the medical profession has been all over mainstream (see here and here) and social media. An article by Kimberley Ivory and Helen Scott in The Conversation looked at the scope and devastating impact of bullying on both staff and patients.  In Victoria it has previously been announced […]

Not all "Captain Chaos" but much confusion, concern on post-Budget health issues

Pharmacy agreement The AMA is also at odds with the Federal Government over its announcement it had reached in-principle agreement with pharamacists on the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement, valued at $18.9 billion investment over the next five years. The AMA criticised the decision to “dramatically increase funding to the pharmacy sector…while doctors and patients are […]