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health communications

Governments shouldn't be able to censor research results they don't like

Kypros Kypri writes: Government departments and agencies routinely commission research to help them understand and respond to health, social and other problems. We expect such research to be impartial and unbiased. But governments impose legal conditions on such research that can subvert […]

Freedom of Tweets – A social media advocacy campaign to unlock the secrets of nutrition governance

Social media is opening up the processes of public health advocacy and efforts to hold governments to account, according to Dr Mark Lock, a Research Fellow in the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Newcastle. As part of the Aboriginal Voice Integration and Diffusion or AVID Study, Dr Lock is examining […]

Update: Medical Journal of Australia editorial advisors resign over Leeder sacking, Elsevier outsourcing

Lancet editor Richard Horton also tweeted his disappointment over Leeder’s departure but defended Elsevier as a publisher. An AMPCo spokesperson, contacted via the company’s PR agency, responded to the editorial committee’s concerns with the following: “It was after considerable due diligence that the Board resolved to outsource sub-editing, production and some administration functions of the […]

Q&A: What can we learn from the US Choosing Wisely campaign to cut down unnecessary tests, treatment?

  Daniel Wolfson:Three years into Choosing Wisely we can point to a number of ways the campaign is making a difference. For example, more than 70 medical specialty societies have shown tremendous leadership by joining Choosing Wisely and publishing lists of tests, treatments and procedures they say are being overused or wasteful. That is unprecedented […]

"My feelings about climate change are a mixture of awe, hope, despair, frustration and anger."

Could an old-fashioned technology – like hand-written letters – help to solve one of the most difficult public health communications challenges of the modern era? Science communicator Joe Duggan has been experimenting with a project – Is This How You Feel? – that seeks to create change by connecting the public with the emotions of climate scientists. […]