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Health Workforce Australia 2013

The latest upheaval - questions over the future of scheme to encourage more rural doctors

(This post was updated on Nov 26 – see bottom of page) Upheaval and uncertainty are the distinguishing characteristics of the Abbott Government’s efforts in health and related portfolios. The Government’s plans for a GP copayment appear to be on hold while Minister Peter Dutton has confirmed receiving legal advice that it cannot be implemented […]

Aboriginal health is everybody’s business

The Croakey Conference Reporting Service’s last post from the Health Workforce Australia Conference details how the development of a culturally inclusive, interdisciplinary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health curriculum framework is contributing to closing the health and life expectancy gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and non-Indigenous Australians.  A Health Workforce Australia (HWA) project […]

Extended Care Paramedics

As well as showcasing new and emerging roles within the health sector (including nursing assistants and mental health coaches), the Health Workforce Australia Conference 2013 (HWA 2013) featured innovative projects focused on broadening the scope of existing professions. Extending the scope of practice of individual health professions can help meet the growing demand for healthcare […]

On the challenges of leading clever people and motivating reform-overloaded workplaces

The challenges of leading clever people and of motivating workplaces subject to constant change were much-discussed at a recent Health Workforce Australia conference in Adelaide. Jennifer Doggett reports: “I could listen to him for hours,” said one enthusiastic delegate at the Health Workforce Australia Conference after the presentation by leadership expert Dr Peter Fuda. “He’s given me […]

Can a new breed of "coaches" help transform mental health care?

Jennifer Doggett reports on an innovation in mental health care profiled at the Health Workforce Australia Conference 2013 in Adelaide  When your health workforce is already working at capacity, how do you address the un-met need for care among those with early-stage disease without depleting the services available to people with serious illnesses? Creating a completely new […]

Lessons from the GFC for health workforce planning and policy

Jennifer Doggett reports from Adelaide: The complexity and limitations of health workforce planning were clearly demonstrated in a presentation at the Health Workforce Australia Conference 2013 by Mark Pearson, Head of the Health Division at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The OECD has access to more comprehensive health workforce data than perhaps […]

Highlighting the disconnect between education/training and health workforce realities (plus #HWA2013 Twitter wrap)

Jennifer Doggett reports from Adelaide: The gulf between education/ training and workforce policies within the health sector was a recurring theme at the Health Workforce Australia Conference in Adelaide yesterday. A number of speakers in both the plenary and concurrent sessions highlighted the disconnect between the way in which we train health professionals and our […]

Heated debate at workforce conference over whether health care assistants should be regulated

The role  of health care assistants was the subject of heated debate at a workshop in Adelaide yesterday, held ahead of the official opening today of the Health Workforce Australia 2013 conference. Jennifer Doggett reports from Adelaide: Health care assistants provide vital front-line services to some of the sickest and most vulnerable people in our […]

A timely examination of the potential of lay health workers

The Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health, held recently in Brazil, put the spotlight on the potential of lay health workers to help address global health workforce shortages. (You can see some of the Twitter reporting from the event at #3GFHRH). The event is timely given that national health workforce issues will be […]

Moving the health sector beyond command and control models of leadership

How can health services shift from operating on a “burning platform”, where crisis and fear rule, to a “burning ambition” environment, which encourages reflection, collaboration and innovation? Good leadership is critical to making this shift, according to prominent management consultant Dr Peter Fuda, who will be a keynote speaker at the forthcoming Health Workforce Australia conference, to […]