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Syphilis in remote Indigenous communities: can we eradicate it this time or is the risk now greater?

A recent syphilis outbreak in Central Australia has prompted renewed calls for urgent investment in sexual health services for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in remote regions. As this recent article at The Conversation outlines, 134 cases of the sexually transmitted disease have been reported in the Barkly and Katherine regions over the […]

Grindr – The app that has become part of the sexual health solution

Many thanks to Melissa Stoneham and the Public Health Advocacy Institute of Western Australia (PHAIWA) for the latest instalment from Journal Watch. Melissa Stoneham writes: It is a common debate – does sex sell? I would have to say that I am of the opinion that sex does in fact sell in certain circumstances. Let’s take Miley […]

Greens leader Richard Di Natale: GP #publichealth specialist - "no doubt health policy be front & centre"

Prior to entering parliament, Richard was a general practitioner and public health specialist. He worked in Aboriginal health in the Northern Territory, on HIV prevention in India and in the drug and alcohol sector. His key health priorities include preventative health, public dental care and responding to the health impacts of climate change. Richard’s achievements […]

"Ebola is not a natural disaster. It is a disease fostered by poverty..." Greens Senator Richard Di Natale on his trip to Liberia, Sierra Leone

See also this ‘The toll of the tragedy’ report from The Economist which notes: The inadequacies of the health-care systems in the three most-affected countries help to explain how the Ebola outbreak got this far. Spain spends over $3,000 per person at purchasing-power parity on health care; for Sierra Leone, the figure is just under […]

A tribute to Tim Moore, and his wide-ranging contributions to community health

By Melanie Walker and Scott Davis  It is with great sadness that we reflect on the sudden passing of Timothy David Moore late last year.  While we are all devastated by Tim’s loss, those of us who knew him are keen to shine a light on his many professional achievements. Tim’s contribution was wide-ranging and […]

On election eve, some health matters for Queensland voters

Whatever the outcome of the Queensland election, the predicted large swing to Labor – and away from the austerity politics of the Liberal National Party – will have national ramifications. That’s the asessement of sociologist and political analyst Dr Mark Bahnisch (who has also been tweeting for @WePublicHealth this week) in his election-eve wrap for […]

#MYEFO Budget update brings more cuts to foreign aid, health agencies

And today’s list of cuts included the National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee. The Federal Government announced on Sunday that the Australian National Council on Drugs will be renamed as the Australian National Advisory Council on Alcohol and Drugs (ANACAD), to be headed by former Nationals MP Kay Hulls and asked to make abuse of the […]

Airborne? Memories of another virus and panic’s rise and fall

Thanks to Hilda Bastian and Scientific American for permission to republish this very timely article that looks back on a Medical Tribunal review sparked by by an HIV AIDS in Sydney in the 1990s and considers the role of trust and transparency when panic is in the air. *** Hilda Bastian writes: She started by […]

"We have a voice, and people are listening" - wrapping #IPCHIV14 and #AIDS2014

Marie McInerney reports: Among the stars at AIDS 2014, the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, were Bill Clinton, Bob Geldof and, perhaps lesser known outside HIV circles, Professor Françoise Barré Sinoussi, outgoing President of the International AIDS Society (IAS) and the Nobel Laureate who co-discovered HIV. So Simoussi’s formal visit to the Indigenous Networking […]