December, 2012

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A terrible loss. Vale Gavin Mooney and Delys Weston

, Dec 21, 2012

Such terrible, devastating news. Health economist Professor Gavin Mooney and his partner Delys Weston have been murdered in Tasmania (more details here from ABC and AAP). Gavin will be known to regular Croakey readers as a prolific contributor since this blog’s start. Delys had recently completed her PhD in the political economy of global warming. Gavin […]
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Intern crisis is damaging us internationally (but what about the wider health workforce concerns?)

, Oct 31, 2012

Medical students and their supporters have been running a very active social media campaign around the #interncrisis.  They’ve also established a website telling the stories of medical students who’ve been unable to get an internship. We haven’t heard nearly so much, however, about the problems facing other sections of the health workforce, especially nurses. The […]

International uni students missing out on healthcare

, May 07, 2010

A Brisbane doctor has contacted Croakey, concerned that international university students are being asked to pay for their care in public hospitals. The document below from the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital says “ineligible patients” are asked to pay between $73.50 (per pathology request) and $3,594 (the daily rate for anyone landed in intensive care), […]

Sounding a wake-up call for postgraduate medical education

, Oct 14, 2009

Australia’s international reputation in education has been taking something of a hammering lately. Attacks on overseas students have generated bucketloads of adverse publicity, and the uncertain future facing many international medical students is another issue that won’t go away anytime soon. Professor Bruce Robinson, dean of medicine at the University of Sydney, thinks one solution […]