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"We have a voice, and people are listening" - wrapping #IPCHIV14 and #AIDS2014

Marie McInerney reports: Among the stars at AIDS 2014, the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, were Bill Clinton, Bob Geldof and, perhaps lesser known outside HIV circles, Professor Françoise Barré Sinoussi, outgoing President of the International AIDS Society (IAS) and the Nobel Laureate who co-discovered HIV. So Simoussi’s formal visit to the Indigenous Networking […]

Indigenous HIV groups place future in hands of young and Elders

Marie McInerney reports: Elders and young people may hold the key to beating stigma and discrimination about HIV and AIDS and to promoting better prevention in Indigenous communities. Eleven Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders from across Australia were special guests at the  International Indigenous Pre-Conference on HIV and AIDS, held in the lead-up to […]

The Health Wrap: HIV/AIDS; environmental health; sugar wars

By Frances Gilham HIV and AIDS: pain and progress This fortnight we witnessed the devastating news about the Malaysia Airlines flight disaster. Grief and shock hit an international conference on HIV and AIDS being held in Australia – AIDS 2014 – when the news emerged that some of the world’s leading HIV/AIDS researchers and advocates […]

The "7 truths of resiliency" - decolonising HIV research in Canada

Marie McInerney reports: A Canadian Aboriginal project looking to map the resiliency of Aboriginal men who have lived with HIV and AIDS for ten years or more posed just one research question: “How are you living well with HIV?” Art Zoccole, Executive Director of the 2-Spirited People of the First Nations in Canada – a […]

How the global response to HIV/AIDS renders Indigenous peoples "invisible"

Marie McInerney reports: Australian Indigenous health researcher James Ward has called on the international HIV and AIDS community to identify Indigenous peoples as a “priority population”, warning that they are often invisible in international reports and declarations that shape HIV responses. He told AIDS 2014 – the 20th International AIDS Conference – in Melbourne on […]

For Indigenous women and children with HIV, what are the issues?

At a recent international conference in Sydney, Indigenous women shared some heart-breaking stories about the HIV-related stigma that they and their children have faced. As Marie McInerney reports below, the challenges faced by Indigenous peoples with HIV as they grow older was also discussed at the 2014 International Indigenous Pre-Conference on HIV and AIDS, which […]

Brotherboys Yarnin' Up - & other powerful stories for beating stigma: #IPCHIV14

The opening session of the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne last night paid a powerful, emotional tribute to colleagues who died on flight MH 17. The importance of tackling discrimination and stigma was also a strong theme. Sharing peoples’ stories is a powerful way of helping to counter discrimination and stigma, according to these […]

Antiretroviral therapies not the “silver bullet” for Indigenous peoples with HIV, AIDS

Marie McInerney reports: The use of antiretroviral therapies for prevention as well as treatment for HIV and AIDS should not be seen as a “silver bullet” and could actually widen the gap in health outcomes for Indigenous peoples, an international Indigenous conference has been told. Canadian First Nations health leader Dr Alexandra King said the […]

Shock and grief at loss of HIV/AIDS researchers and advocates: #IPCHIV14

(This post was revised and updated on 19 July) Marie McInerney reports: The devastating news that some of the world’s leading HIV/AIDS researchers and advocates were on the downed Malaysia Airlines flight caused waves of shock and grief at an international Indigenous conference on HIV and AIDS in Sydney, and among the wider global health and […]

A call for action on reducing the risk of HIV to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

 Marie McInerney reports: Australian organisers of an international Indigenous conference on HIV and AIDS have opened the Sydney event with the release of new data and concerns that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are at risk of a “rapid escalation” of HIV and AIDS. Conference co-convenor Associate Professor James Ward said Australia is at […]